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Hi! I’d reccomend doing LOTS of research and contacting people with first hand accounts or someone who has witnessed someone close to them going through it. This is another one of those times where I can’t be a ton of help because I have literally 0 experience with alcoholism at all. Teenage alcoholism.

I think @scriptshrink could help you. Really reccomend you check ‘em out.

I’m gonna try to offer some insight, but know that this comes from an unknowledgeabe person who’s saying what feels right.

• It’d probably start of slow and gradually elevate. Maybe they have one drink at a party on a weekend. Then they drink a couple more at the next party. Then they have a drink on the weekend just because they can. Then they’re drinking as a reward for acing a test, finishing a project, etc. Before they know, they’re drinking multiple times every day.

• Drinking is typically associated with other dangerous behavior like drug use.

• You could show their problem in small ways like another character noticing that they always have a drink in hand. Or that there is always empty bottles at their place. Their alcohol tolerance is through the roof. The locals at the bar recognize them, assuming the character has a fake ID and isn’t very cautious about getting caught. They never have money because it’s all spent on alcohol. They usually seem drunk or smell like alcohol.

• I think that part of alcoholism is accessibility. How is this teen getting the alcohol? If it’s easy to get, that’s definitely a factor.

• Did anyone notice or try to stop the character?

• Is is that noticeable to others when they’re drunk?

• Do the parents know? Why or why not?

Teenage alcoholism treatment Teenage alcoholism articles Teenage alcoholism warning signs Teenage alcoholism essay Teenage alcoholism causes Teenage alcoholism facts Teenage alcoholism statistics Teenage alcoholism definition Teenage alcoholism research p

• Is the teen getting/ considering help? Why or why not?

• Does the character regret it?

• Does the character understand the conseqeunces?

•Are they worried about getting caught?

• Does the character recognize that they have a problem?

I encourage people to reblog/comment with their own tips or send in something:)

WARNINGS:demon!reader, angel!peter AU, submissive!peter, nsfw!! (no penetration), blow jobs, grinding, sinful!

summary: a demon and an angel fighting over who gets to posses an adolescent, but what happens if the fiend suddenly changes its mind and decides to corrupt the innocent dove instead.

A/N: tell me feedbacks & what you thought about this!! pls

Teenage alcoholism treatment Teenage alcoholism articles Teenage alcoholism warning signs Teenage alcoholism essay Teenage alcoholism causes Teenage alcoholism facts Teenage alcoholism statistics Teenage alcoholism definition Teenage alcoholism research p

We all know that the relationship between demons and angels most definitely do not correspond. And that by means a fiend and an innocent, pure little dove will never conclude —meaning you and Peter Parker will unquestionably never understand each other. After all, he is one of God’s favorite and on the contrary, you were already as almighty as the devil himself.

telling the truth or able to be trusted and not likely to steal, cheat, or lie

Hopper knows he fucked up when it comes to the kid. The Wheeler boy may have taught her a bad habit or two (or twenty) but his lesson on lying was a good one. So, yeah, Hopper shouldn’t have lied to her. Or break his promise. His mistake, okay. He wasn’t exactly ready to jump back into fatherhood, not after Sarah, not after everything. Especially not with the kind of kid Eleven is. (One of a kind.)

Still, if he’s going to do this – properly, this time – he needs to do it well. Which involves some self-reflection, and. Let’s just say he’s not too great at those. Okay, he sucks at those. But he’s trying to improve and, yeah, that has to count for something.

So the leading her on and making promises he can’t keep?

Yeah, let’s just say he needs to cut those. Like, immediately.

She’s already getting restless from too much cabin fever, and he doesn’t want a Chicago, round two. Round one was already too painful as it is. Not to mention she still won’t talk about what happened. It drives him bonkers. Just a little. A fucking lot.

He sits her down after breakfast, smudges of chocolate around her mouth and hair in front of her eyes. He asked if she wanted to cut it, just a fringe, but she refused. Even started crying. He knows better than to address the issue again. Instead, he got her new clothes and – well, Joyce and that Nancy girl got her new clothes. Bless the women in his life. Thanks to them, now the girl has age-appropriate style-appropriate clothes, even if she still favours flannel and jeans. It suits her, more than the punk style.

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Jones! Reader

Teenage alcoholism treatment Teenage alcoholism articles Teenage alcoholism warning signs Teenage alcoholism essay Teenage alcoholism causes Teenage alcoholism facts Teenage alcoholism statistics Teenage alcoholism definition Teenage alcoholism research p

The following week was pretty normal, the serpents were nice to you and Jughead and you even became friends with Toni, Fangs and Sweet Pea. Jughead on the other Hand was still skeptical towards the gang members. Now it was Friday and sadly you did not have any plans for the weekend. Your foster family was out of town for a week and left you and Jughead alone. Jughead invited Betty, Archie, Veronica and Kevin over. You weren’t really happy with that because you were still angry at them but your brother and you made the deal that you accept his friendship as long as he accepts your Friendship with the Serpents and at least he invited Kevin. You weren’t angry at Kevin, he didn’t do anything wrong. Archie and Betty already apologized multiple times but you were definitely not forgiving them until your Father was out of Jail. At the moment you were sitting on the couch next to Kevin, talking about everything that happened since you left the Northside. The others were talking, not really paying attention to you two. “What do you want?” Jughead suddenly asked you holding up a flyer from your local pizzeria. “Huh?” you were confused, when did they decided to order Pizza? “Which Pizza do you want?” He asked again “Oh yeah, Margherita.” While Jughead was ordering your Pizzas you decided to go and take a shower. You really needed to relax a bit and a shower was the perfect excuse to get away from your brothers friends. After 10 Minutes of just standing under the hot water you heard the doorbell ring. Thinking it was the delivery guy you didn’t paid much attention to the voice coming from the Living Room and the front Door.

Jughead opened the door, expecting the delivery guy when he was met with the figures of three serpents. Toni was the first to speak “Hi Jug, is Y/N Home?” “Uh Yeah, she’s showering but you can come in and wait if you want,” He looked back in the direction of the living room “but I have Friends over s-“ before he could finish his sentence Sweet Pea cut him off “If they don’t do anything we won’t do anything either.” Jughead stepped aside and opened the door a bit more so the three of them could step in. Unfortunately Archie was the first to notice. “What are THEY doing here?!” he looked at Jughead while putting his arm around Veronica. “Calm down Archie, they’re our Friends” Sweet Pea started laughing at Jugheads statement “You wish we were Friends.” They exchanged a few more sentence, mostly about what they are doing here. After that an uncomfortable silence filled the room until Y/N cleared her throat.

After your shower you went back into the Livingroom, you only had a towel wrapped around your body since you just wanted to pick up your Food and go back to your room. As you got closer to your destination you could feel the tension in the air and as you entered the room you could see the cause of it. Your Friends were standing there while Jugheads friends were sitting on the couch, nobody seemed to notice you so you cleared your throat “Thank god you’re finished. Come on you need to get ready” Toni said while grabbing your Hands and pulling you towards your room. Once you entered the small room she directly went for your Wardrobe picking up Clothes for you. “Toni, what are you doing?” you asked confused. “We are going to a Serpent Party and I’m picking out your Outfit, now get dressed” she handed you the pieces she picked out and left the room. Not really thinking much about it you quickly got dressed, made your Hair and put on your favorite dark red/purple Lipstick. Before leaving your room you stopped in front of the mirror, taking a last look at your Outfit. Toni picked out a short black skirt with a silver zipper running through it, some band shirt, your boots and some tights. Basically you looked just like Toni. Confidence was what you felt walking towards the Livingroom. You couldn’t help but notice the smile on Sweet Peas face when you entered the room and the disapproving glances from Veronica, Betty and Archie. “Wow Y/N that bad girl look suits you” Kevin pointed out, earing nods from the serpents to show that they approve. “And where the hell are you going?” and there he was, your protective big brother. “I’m going to a Party with my Friends Juggie” you used the most innocent nickname to convince him that it wasn’t something bad. “You’re going to a Party? With Serpents? I don’t really know how to feel about this.” He didn’t trust the serpents enough to let them take away his little sister and you felt bad about putting him in this situation but you kind of really liked the idea of a little party with your friends. “You’re not going Y/N” You had no idea what Archie was thinking but his statement made you angry. “You’re not my dad Andrews, hell you’re not even my friend anymore and you know what? I don’t care what you guys say, if I wanna go out with my friends I will and you’d have to chain me to the wall to stop me.” You were angry and sad, angry because they don’t accept your new friends and sad because Jughead let Archie talk to you like that. Sweet Pea put his hand on Jugheads shoulder while looking at him “We will protect her Jughead and you know that, we won’t let her do anything bad or stupid.” “It’s just a normal Party Jughead. Teenager, Alcohol and Music.” Fangs tried to convince him that it was just a harmless Party. “And we will bring her back later, if it’s getting too late I’ll message you letting you know that she will stay over at my house and I will bring her back tomorrow. I promise.” Toni was the last to speak before the four of you left the house. Leaving your brother and the confused Northsider behind. “I’m driving with Fangs” Toni stated before hoping on to his bike. That means you had to drive with Sweet Pea. You looked at his bike for a short moment and then at Toni “You picked out the shortest skirt I had, knowing damn well that I would somehow had to get on this Bike?” You asked not sure how you would get on the bike without flashing everyone. Instead of answering Toni just laughed, nearly falling off of Fangs bike if it wasn’t for him to grab her in the last second. You looked at Sweet Pea hoping that he would have the answer to your Problem and he had. In one swift movement he picked you up, earning a scream from you and placed you on his bike. He sat in front of you and you wrapped your arms around him as tight as you could. The other two already started their bike and lead you the way as you were following them into the dark.

Girl Mans Up by M-E Girard

Thoughts: I can’t tell you how amazing it is to read a book about a badass gender non-conforming butch lesbian of color who knows who she is and won’t take shit from all the people in her life trying to make her be someone else - her parents, her Catholic school, or her dirtbag teenage guy friends.

Other characters are confused by Pen’s gender non-conformity - “Are you trying to be a boy?” “Are you trans?” - but she knows that she is a girl. She’s just comfortable as a masculine girl: short hair, borrowing her brother’s clothes, hanging with the boys playing video games, and dreaming about getting a girlfriend. She gets a lot of shit from people for it, but she never stops being herself. Pen is also a first generation Portuguese immigrant in Canada, and cultural differences and language barriers make it hard for Pen to explain that she can’t be the pretty, nice girl her parents want her to be.

The book is very character driven and not plot-heavy. If you’re looking for a book about a butch lesbian fighting to be herself in her relationships with family and friends, read this book.

Warnings: Sexual assault/attempted sexual coercion, general straight teenage boy douchebag behavior (homophobia, misogyny, slurs), teenage pregnancy, alcohol and marijuana consumption (*details/spoilers below)

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