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Alcohol abuse is an epidemic in the United States. More than half of Americans report drinking frequently, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and this is likely due in large part to availability. Alcoholism help.

Alcohol is everywhere, and few Americans know exactly what constitutes a single serving of an alcoholic beverage, which makes it difficult to gauge when frequent drinking becomes binge drinking and when binge drinking becomes alcohol abuse or addiction.

According to the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Addiction, a standard drink means about 5 ounces of wine (there are five servings in a 750 milliliter bottle), a 12-ounce beer, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor. By this standard, men who drink more than four drinks on any day or more than 14 per week and women who drink more than three drinks on any day or more than 7 drinks per week are considered “at-risk” or “heavy” drinkers. Of the people who have one heavy drinking day a month, one in five are living with an alcohol abuse or addiction issue. This number increases to one in three when the number of heavy drinking days increases to one per week and increases again to one in two when the person has two or more heavy drinking days each week.

Despite the legality of buying and consuming alcohol for those over the age of 21, heavy drinking, alcohol abuse and alcoholism all bring significant health risks and mental health risks to patients. It is important to recognize the signs of alcohol abuse early and get help immediately – before it’s too late.

If you or someone you care about is living with an alcohol abuse or addiction issue, don’t wait to seek the necessary alcohol treatment. Contact us today to learn about your options in alcohol care and treatment and to find a program that will deliver the therapeutic recovery you or your loved one needs to succeed in life without alcohol.

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Statistics

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the following facts and statistics demonstrate the need for alcohol treatment:

Risks of Avoiding Treatment

Many Americans have heard that drinking a small amount of alcohol is good for their heart health and use this as a reason for their drinking. However, it should be noted that it is red wine specifically that has been shown to have benefits for cardiovascular function – and that is only when about 2.5 to 3 ounces are consumed once per day. More than a single glass of wine with dinner brings with it too many other health risks to balance out the positive associations with small amounts of wine, and drinking in large amounts frequently can mean a huge number of other problems when the issue goes unchecked.

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Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcoholism is a serious disease that can rob you of everything you value in life. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, alcoholism and alcohol abuse can lead to nerve damage, brain damage, depression and suicide. Alcohol-related accidents also lead to serious injuries and death all across the country.

If you struggle with alcoholism, there is help available in the form of alcohol treatment centers. These centers allow patients to detox in a safe, comfortable setting, under the supervision of medical professionals. However, detox in and of itself is not enough. If you truly want to overcome your issues with alcohol, you must participate in a full treatment program that deals with the reasons why you started abusing alcohol in the first place.

What Does Treatment Entail?

A complete alcohol treatment program will generally carry you through the entire process of recovery – from detox to aftercare. Here are the main phases of treatment:


The alcohol detoxification process begins when a patient dependent upon alcohol stops drinking. According to Medline Plus, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can begin as soon as five hours after the last drink, peaking between 48 and 72 hours and lasting up to two weeks depending upon the severity of the condition and other co-occurring disorders. Medline Plus also reports that withdrawal symptoms can include:

In serious cases, delirium tremens can also result causing an intensified experience of the above symptoms as well as fever, seizures, hallucination and other serious issues.

If there are any withdrawal symptoms present at all, alcohol treatment should start with alcohol detox – but it is important to note that detox alone is not enough to effectively treat alcohol abuse and addiction. Further treatment is required.

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Alcohol Treatment Programs

When you’re ready to take the all-important step and seek treatment for your alcohol issues, you should be aware of your options. Finding an exclusive alcohol treatment center in which you feel comfortable can make a significant difference in your recovery.

How Do I Know Which Alcohol Treatment Program Is Right for Me?

Ultimately, you should choose the program that fits best with your lifestyle and personal beliefs. Consider these factors when choosing a facility:

Don’t feel like you need to rush the decision process. Consider a few options and choose the alcohol treatment program that resonates with you. Your comfort level can make a big difference in your motivation and focus in recovery.


The crux of an effective alcohol treatment program is the counseling portion of the program. Here, patients can explore the different issues related to alcohol abuse and addiction. These can include traumatic events that occurred prior to the abuse of alcohol including sexual trauma, child abuse, or emotionally difficult events like divorce or death of a loved one. In many instances, patients living with a co-occurring mental health issue like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other issues will attempt to medicate the symptoms with alcohol rather than seek help. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association , about 37 percent of those in treatment for an alcohol disorder also struggled with a co-occurring mental health disorder.

There are also alcohol-induced disorders that patients in recovery must address in counseling. These disorders can be mental health issues like mania, anxiety, narcissism, depression and others. Traumas that occur while under the influence are common as well. Becoming the victim of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and/or assault are far more common when under the influence of alcohol. Also, many who abuse alcohol become perpetrators of domestic assault, physical attack and sexual abuse due in part to their issues with alcohol. All of these issues should be addressed during counseling.

Though these issues and disorders will not be resolved during alcohol treatment – especially short or outpatient programs – the foundation can be laid for effective healing during the rehab experience. If one-on-one counseling, group sessions, 12-steps, family therapy and/or other types of therapy are not the focus of alcoholism treatment, abstinence will be impossible for the patient to maintain.

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Alcohol Treatment Options

When it comes to alcohol treatment, you can truly find an option that fits your lifestyle, personal preferences and personality. You may have a set idea on what you expect of rehab, however, it’s worth your while to step outside the box and consider all your options.

Types of Alcohol Treatment

Inpatient or Outpatient?

While both types of alcohol treatment can effectively help you to achieve recovery, those with longstanding issues with alcohol are better served in an inpatient program. Since you live at the facility full time, you’ll be able to focus all your energy on your recovery. It’s your life and your health – it’s worth the effort.

Challenges to Alcohol Treatment

What Makes a Treatment Success Story?

Those who succeed in and after alcohol recovery have the resources they need to make better choices and enough time with proper guidance to practice making those choices before they go out on their own. Prioritizing physical health, mental health and abstinence above all else, recovering alcoholics can make sure that every day is one spent without alcohol when they begin that process with alcohol detox and treatment.

It all starts with a phone call. Contact us at today to find the right alcoholism treatment program for you and to create a step-by-step plan that will enable you to stop drinking safely and learn how to live life without depending upon alcohol. Call now.

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