Dealing with a partner's alcoholism. To Parents of Alchoholics, Addicts

To Parents of Alcoholics / Addicts

" Parents do not cause their children to become alcoholics - or drug addicts. Dealing with alcoholism.

Alcoholism / addiction is not caused by environmental factors. It is a physiological, genetic allergy - a hereditary predisposition involving brain chemistry. There is now ample scientific proof, research data, to support the premise that made Alcoholics Anonymous the first successful approach to dealing with alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease. "

"Someone does not become an alcoholic / addict because they were raised in a dysfunctional family. Alcoholism is not caused by emotional wounds. It also has nothing to do with will power or strength of character or morality. It does not have anything to do with intelligence.

Many people drink heavily or experiment with drugs in their teens and early twenties. The ones who have a genetic predisposition make alcohol and/or drugs their primary coping mechanism - the ones that do not find other ways of coping and going unconscious. People who become alcoholics are not as a rule more wounded than people that do not - they just have a genetic vulnerability."

Dealing with alcoholism and afrocentricity

" A parent does not cause a child to become alcoholic or drug addicted. The emotional wounds provide reasons to drink and use, are the fuel that drives an alcoholic/addict's behavior, but are not the cause of the disease.

We were all raised in dysfunctional families - because society / civilization is emotionally dishonest and dysfunctional. We were all wounded in our childhood, because our parents were wounded in their childhood - and when we became parents we wounded our children. "

This is the first in a series of articles focused on applying the spiritual principles of twelve step recovery in relationship to codependency.

Dealing with alcoholism in a relationship

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