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Alcoholism is a severe, complex and sometimes fatal condition that must be addressed at the earliest opportunity. Even then, the problem with alcoholism is that not only do alcoholics deny that they have a problem, but they also seek to validate their dependence. Thus, it is difficult to treat this condition. Alcoholics can be helped to come out of their situation and the first step is to identify signs of alcoholism, letting them acknowledge that they have a problem and need to be helped to come out of it. First signs of alcoholism.

Signs of Alcoholism

Generally, people who gulp unusual amounts of alcohol as well as exhibit aggressive behavior when drunk are likely to be alcoholics. There are numerous telltale signs that can help determine if a colleague, relative or friend is an alcoholic. They include the following:

Excessive drinking that interferes with friendships, work, hobbies as well as other aspects of life. An alcoholic will skip meetings, work, school as well as other events and fake illness so that other people do not tell their absence is caused by alcohol.

Loss of interest in social activities. Withdrawal from things that would usually keep them happy and social. For instance, if they took pleasure in playing baseball they would suddenly stop attending or leave the team completely as they spend more time drinking and getting drunk.

Getting agitated when you speak to them about their habit of drinking. This is usually one of the first signs of alcohol addictions. Usually, a simple question elicits an overreaction that can eventually result in the person losing control or yelling.

Inability to stop drinking despite losing everything they treasured, as if to say they do not recognize their actions or they do not care.

First symptom of alcoholism

Inability to control their drinking even when they are already intoxicated.

Having a high tolerance to alcohol, hence remaining unaffected even after taking huge amounts.

Negligence of their physical appeal as they forget about grooming and will therefore be unkempt, untidy and scruffy.

Drinking alone and hiding alcoholic drinks in unlikely places.

When you notice any of the signs discussed above, you will do well to help the person affected find treatment.

Early signs of heavy drinking

How to Help an Alcoholic: Going to Rehab

When you notice or suspect that a relative, colleague or family member is struggling with alcohol addiction, you can help them take the right steps towards regaining sobriety. Here are some steps to help an alcoholic:

Marshall support – Get a family member or friend that the addicted person respects or considers as an authority to talk to them to assure them of their support in the journey to sobriety.

Avoid talking to the person when they are drunk or stressed – Always talk to them when they are untroubled and sober because only then can you have a meaningful conversation.

Confront the person with the harm they are exposing themselves to. Be sure not to be accusative, critical or sympathetic of the person.

Talk them into going to alcohol rehab. When the alcoholic still finds it difficult to quit the vice, you can consider rehab where they can get professional help. If they turn down the idea, refuse to bail them in whatever area unless they go to rehab.

First signs of liver damage drinking

Treatment for Alcoholism

Alcoholism can be treated. However, the success of the treatment will begin with the right attitude and approach. Treatment for alcoholism usually begins with an assessment that is designed to draw information that may counter denial to come up with a diagnosis that is accurate. It is paramount to talk the victim about the harm they are doing to their lives while telling them of the benefits of regaining sobriety.

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