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The Caribbean Voice notes the response by Mr Nowrang Persaud to our letter on alcoholism published in the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News newspapers recently. We thank Mr Persaud for taking time to read our letter and to craft a response, which was even published in media that did not carry our letter, testimony to his status and influence. All about alcoholism.

We also take this opportunity to clear up any misconception that our letter may have been referring only to rum per se. Actually, the terms ‘rum culture’ and ‘rum’ were generically used to embrace all alcoholic drinks including gin, vodka, brandy, beer, wine and all the rest. In fact, all the statistics cited do reflect this inclusive embrace.

Also we want to make it quite clear that our intention was never to “demonize” rum (some would argue that rum does that all by itself) but rather to point out that companies producing any form of alcoholic beverage should extend their corporate responsibility beyond sponsoring events and activities and should craft and execute strategies that would help to tackle alcoholism, including statements in their advertisements and commercials emphasizing, ‘responsible drinking’, ‘don’t drink and drive’, ‘have a designated driver when you drink‘, ‘no drinking by pregnant women’, ‘no drinking by minors’, ‘regular excess drinking can lead to addiction and various health problems’ and the like. Also, liquor companies should display more responsibility in their promotions, more so when the target set includes minors, as was the case at the CPL cricket match.

All about alcoholism

Given Mr Persaud’s status and name recognition as well as his stated capacity as a social drinker, to never allow alcohol to be the master, we invite him to join us in our anti-alcoholism, anti-violence campaign and help to tackle issues like suicide, sex crimes, domestic and child abuse. After all would not Mr Persaud agree that alcohol is very much involved to a greater or lesser degree in these and other social pathologies? Perhaps, for starters, Mr Persaud can join in the September 10th National Anti-Violence Candlelight Vigil by using his considerable influence and clout to help catalyze vigils in various communities. We look forward for an affirmative response to our invitation.

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