Alcoholism and substance abuse counselor. Bringing Awareness to Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, Obesity and Eating Disorders

Tens of millions of sufferers aged 12 or older need treatment for a substance abuse or eating disorder in the United States, and their families are also affected by these afflictions. Many people do not understand that drug addiction, alcoholism, and eating disorders are treatable diseases, and this misconception can keep people from getting help. Substance abuse alcoholism.

To help overcome barriers to long-term recovery, there are several programs in place that increase public awareness about substance abuse and eating disorders. What families can do to help themselves and loved ones is the goal of several programs sponsored by public and private organizations. Educating people about the positive effect that treatment and recovery can have on sufferers and the well-being of our communities, and celebrating people in recovery - and those who help them, is important.

Many government and privately sponsored programs are bringing awareness to the societal benefits of recovery treatment. They aim to commend the contributions of treatment programs and promote the message that recovery from substance abuse, alcoholism, addiction, eating disorders (obesity, bulimia, anorexia, and binge-eating) - is possible. Encouraging citizens to take action to help expand and improve the availability of effective substance abuse treatment for those in need is a way to remove barriers. Educating the public about treatment, how it works, for whom, and why is of primary concern. Recovery programs have made significant accomplishments, having transformed the lives of untold thousands of Americans. These successes often go unnoticed by the broader population.

Journal of substance abuse and alcoholism impact factor

Some leaders feel it is time for citizens to start helping their friends and neighbors by noticing the signs of addiction and offering places to turn for help. By alerting people to the recovery services available, we can help community members and their families find a path of recovery, encourage access to treatment services for all those in need. Now is the time to help sufferers lead productive, healthy lives once again.

Substance abuse is a national health crisis. Addiction, alcoholism and eating disorders are treatable diseases, and recovery is possible. Highlighting the benefits of treatment for not only the affected individual, but for their family, friends, workplace, and society as a whole, and educating the public reduces the stigma associated with addiction and treatment. Accurate knowledge of these diseases helps people to understand the importance of supporting various programs, including those who work within the treatment field, and those in need of treatment.

Alcoholism and substance abuse in the workplace

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