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Individuals dependent on alcohol to function in life often find they cannot get out from underneath this addiction. Now, according to a recent news report, a new medication could offer the answer. Alcoholism medication.

This medication is designed to reduce alcohol dependency and is expected to be on the market in a little more than a year. The new medication is expected to lessen the urge to drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

Known as Nalmefene, the new drug has been developed by Biotie Therapies in Turku, which is located in south western Finland. The license for the drug was purchased by the Danish Lundbeck company in 2006. Results from clinical trials are expected to soon be available.

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Industry expectations are already high for the new medication. Current medicinal remedies available on the market present certain side-effects for some patients and Nalmefene is expected to offer robust therapy.

An individual taking Nalmefene cannot rely on the medication to prevent them from consuming alcohol. Instead, the function of this medication is to limit drinking by inhibiting processes in the brain that can lead to continuous and uncontrollable alcohol consumption.

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Experts also warn that addicts should not expect Nalmefene to be the final solution for their addiction to alcohol. Those individuals seeking reprieve can stop drinking entirely by gradually decreasing the amount of consumption. This goal is something Nalmefene can help to achieve.

It is rare that individuals with an addiction to alcohol can reduce their consumption without help. Nalmefene offers the much needed support for those who are willing to try to overcome their addiction.

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