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For a film, I would definitely have to go with Denzel Washington’s Flight. Dealing with alcoholism.

I won',t spoil anything, but in the film, Denzel’s character struggles with chronic alcoholism and frequent drug use. He’s a pilot for a top notch airline, and one day, the plane that he decides to fly right after drinking two bottles of vodka, crashes.

He is in a constant struggle of staying sober throughout the entire film, and it',s a very solid character piece and even one of Denzel’s best roles to date. It really goes deep into the problem of alcohol that some individuals possess.

For a show, I’d have to vote, without a doubt, Shameless.

Dealing with someone with alcoholism

As you can probably tell from the picture, the characters in Shameless are nearly batshit insane, with the exception of the oldest brother, Lip. The character that struggles most with alcoholism and drug abuse is the father, Frank Gallagher. It',s shown countless times that he has a drinking problem so much to the point where he',s nearly died multiple times. In one season, he finds out his liver is failing due to his alcoholism, so, he decides to abuse narcotics only to find his health declining even more.

It',s a brilliant show and very much showcases the struggles of growing up in a rundown neighborhood and more importantly, alcoholism and drug-abuse and how it effects those who are around you.

I highly recommend them both, but be warned! Shameless is very addicting.

Books for families dealing with alcoholism

The best one I',ve seen is “The Lost Weekend” from 1945. Its in black and white but that in no way detracts from the powerful message.

It follows the protagonist Don Birnham on a 4 day drinking bender.

I never thought I would be so affected by an older movie but this one got to me hardcore. At one point the protagonist ends up in the drunk tank with several other serial alcoholics - and it is powerful.

Dealing with drinking spouse

I was drinking a glass of wine when I watched this movie - once it was over I promptly poured it out.

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