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Esperal Implant

Esperal Implant is the newest and most popular approach for Implant Therapy for Alcoholism. When it comes to Addiction, there are various manners in which the problem is dealt with. One of the best and successful approaches to Disulfiram Treatment is that of using an EsperalImplant for Alcoholism. Many clinical trials show how useful this implant is because it creates a routine for the patient in which alcohol causes severe “discomforts” and thus becomes Implant for Alcohol Addiction. Alcoholism therapy.

It is well known how devastating alcohol abuse is. It causes both physical and psychical damages that interfere with the healthy development of daily tasks. There are numerous of medications available, including Naltrexone Implant for Alcohol Addiction that “guarantee” beneficial results, but the most efficient product on the market still Esperal Implant Therapy for Alcoholism.

The first mentioning of the usage of the Implant for Alcohol Addiction goes back to 1800-s when it was used in the process of obtaining rubber. Until 1937, it was not used for alcohol addiction because the properties of the ingredients were not fully discovered. From that year until nowadays, therapeutic properties of Esperal and its components were placed under the magnifying glass. Moreover, several studies revealed the fact that alcoholism and its symptoms can be reduced by using this type of medication. Disulfiram Treatment for Alcohol Abuseis widely used here in the United States and Worldwide. While Antabuse is the brand this medicine also available in generic version know as Disulfiram.

If you see an advertisement for Esperal with this picture –, it is fake. Unfortunately nowadays, many medical centers in Europe and especially in Poland, Russia, and Ukraine marketing fake Esperal, as well as Esperal tablets and surgical implantation procedures. Become an educated consumer and don’,t get fooled by crooks. Check this picture and consider the following:

Esperal made in France and in France only. It is not a product of USA.

“,Without prescription”, is not the correct label. You can’,t buy Esperal with or without prescription. You can only get it implanted in a few narcology offices certified by Esperal Corporation.

Read on the very bottom of the package: “,Distributed by Healthwise Medical, LTD.”, Google it and you’,ll be surprised that there is no company with this name in the USA.

Also, read on a bottom of the package: “,Farmington CN 003458”,. There is no town Farmington in the CN state as well as there is no CN state in the USA. And by the way, zip codes in the USA consist of 5 digits, not 6.

To make a long story shorter, be couscous and make your homework before you pay for your treatment.

How Esperal works

First of all, Esperal’s main ingredient Disulfiram is known for its ability to initiate so-called Disulfiram-Ethanol Reaction (DER) in the body when alcohol ingested. DER happens because certain enzymes are blocked and cause a chain event of unpleasant symptoms. The approach of use of Disulfiram for Alcohol Abuse has a long history in Implant for Alcohol Addiction that started at the beginning of the previous century in the rubber industry. Keep in mind that this is not a regular discomfort, and it impacts in a cruel way on the body. Since in the USA Disulphiram is available in the form of oral pills only it can determine a patient to stop taking the drug to prevent negative experience. Addiction is one of the most recommended methods in narcology clinic. The only problem with the oral form of Disulfiram for Alcohol Abuse is that the addict can decide not to take a pill and consume alcohol. Hence, the necessity to infuse the disulfiram device into the muscles is the main reason why the implant was developed.

History of Implant Therapy for Alcoholism

The first Implant Therapy for Alcoholism was developed and successfully used in Russia in 70th of the previous century under the name TORPEDO, which in Russian means submarine. It contained a reservoir with liquid Antabuse – the drug that initiates symptoms similar to Disulphiram. However, Antabuse had a lot of side effects and at some point of it was banned and substituted by the Latvian implant ENCODE that contained liquid Disulphiram and guaranteed permanent concentration of Disulphiram in a bloodstream. When alcohol reached some predetermined level, the reaction starts. Since Disulphiram also has some adverse effects on human body, permanent presence of this chemical in a bloodstream was criticized and not recommended by physicians and pharmacologists. And that’s when Esperal Implant for Alcoholism hit the market with the microchip that contains dry powder of Disulfiram, and the drug has no contact with the body and organs unless microchip registered the increase of alcohol level in the bloodstream and released a micro dose of the active element. That’s why this French made implant is #1 on the market and recognized as practically harmless and recommended for use for Addiction Treatment.

The implant assures both the therapist and the patient that the medication stays in place. So, the patient is encouraged to quit drinking alcohol by regularly experiencing “unpleasant” outcomes when alcohol consumed. In reality, those who agree for Esperal implantation understand all possible outcome of alcohol consumption while the device is active.

Alcoholism nutritional therapy

Esperal is a microchip that contains a small reservoir with dry highly concentrated powder of Disulphiram. This microchip has a serial number and must be registered in the universal database to be activated. From the practitioner’s computer, each chip may be turned on and off anytime in a matter of seconds. When On, the microchip checks the level of the alcohol in a bloodstream of the individual. As long as the concentration of alcohol is within normal limits, Esperal does not perform any activities. When the alcohol level goes above allowed, microchip opens the dosator in the Disulfiram container and infuses into the bloodstream a single crystal of Disulfiram that causes “unpleasant sensations.” After approximately five years, the microchip dissolves by itself.

The allowed limit of alcohol assumes all medical and prescription pharmaceutical drugs, one bottle of non-alcoholic beer every 8 hours, any food that contains cooking wine, etc.

Symptoms of Esperal effect

The experience of Esperal’s effect is so vivid and intense that 99% of our patients feel comfortable without alcohol. During seven years of our practice of the implant, we didn’t have a single patient who decided to try the effectiveness of this implant. This subcutaneous method of inserting of Esperal was first approached back in 1968. Studies proved that this method is more successful and gives the patient more chances of recovery. The mind is encouraged to establish a connection between alcohol and the severe symptoms experienced after drinking it. Hence, after some time, the patient will acknowledge the fact that Esperal is not a beneficial experience for the body.

Esperal creates over-sensitivity to alcohol that is related to a series of unbearable symptoms. Among those we can mention vomiting, excruciating headaches, vertigo, short of breath, palpitation, fear of death, involuntary urination, etc. Moreover, patients during those episodes still 100% conscious and able to experience and analyze all the symptoms. These symptoms develop rapidly in no more than 40-60 seconds after drinking. That means that the individual still “sober” and understands everything.

The person in the film is Dr. Tsan’s patient who undergone a full course of best treatment for alcohol addiction including implantation of Esperal. After 19 months of being clear-headed and having no urges for alcohol consumption, as a result of Implant Therapy for Alcoholism he decided to perform an experiment and to test if the chip works. This was only one case in our clinic when the Esperal was executed. Our patient officially gave us the approval to post this footage on the website.

Always remember that Esperal or any other Disulfiram Treatment for Alcohol Abuse techniques are not a cure themselves, and it is much more efficient when linked to several other treatment options. That’s why at Philadelphia Addiction Center we perform the Esperal implantation at the very end of the treatment when patient’s blood stream is free from alcohol. Otherwise, the effect of Disulphiram may be activated right during the implantation. Not only Philadelphia Addiction Center is the only clinic in the US where you can get the implantation of Esperal, but also this is one of a few clinics in the world where the price of Esperal and its implantation is only $1000. Yes, believe your eyes. At Philadelphia Addiction Center, we charge for the one session of acupuncture, one session of hypnotherapy, the device itself and implantation of Esperal only $1000, which is approximately 10 times chipper than an average price in the US and worldwide. In order to get Esperal embedded a patient must be sober for 15-18 days, otherwise, the DER will start right after activation of the microchip. If a patient cannot stay sober for that period of time we perform multiple acupuncture and hypnotherapy procedures for the additional price. The complete treatment usually consists of 12 sessions of Ear Acupuncture (NADA protocol) and six sessions of hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction. The implantation of the Esperal usually takes place during the last visit.

Another word, a patient must attend acupuncture and hypnotherapy treatments during which we will perform a complete body detox (NADA) and addiction reset techniques. Addiction reset method is a hypnotherapeutic procedure during which Dr. Tsan resets the bio-electrical activity of the addiction center patient’s brain forcing an individual to be indifferent to alcohol.

Learn to separate Esperal facts from fiction!

The Certified practitioner uses a sterile applicator and the implant is injected either in your brachial or gluteus muscles. The process takes only a few seconds, and you will not react any more than you would to vaccination.

Having a microchip implanted will hurt me.

No anesthetic is required for a microchip implant. The procedure is performed at your narcologist’s office and is straightforward and similar to administering a vaccine or a routine shot. The chip comes preloaded in a small ampoule.

Esperal-Implant works like global positioning devices (GPS) and tells my physician my location.

Alcoholism treatment cognitive therapy

Esperal-Implant is not a tracking device. It is a radio-frequency identification (RFID) implants that provide permanent ID for you. Because Esperal-Implant uses RFID technology, microchips do not require a power source like a GPS. When a microchip embedded in your muscles, it gets enough power in the form of bio-electricity to respond to the signal from the cloud server and to activate internal Disulfiram container-dosator. Since there’s no battery and no moving parts, there’,s nothing to keep charged, wear out, or replace. The microchip will last between three and five years depending on your body structure, muscle system condition, body weight, etc.

Microchips are expensive.

The cost of microchip installed is $1000.00 if no additional medical procedures are required. For example, at the time of installation, the level of the alcohol in your blood should be minimized virtually to zero. It takes approximately three weeks of complete abstention from any alcohol beverages. Some patients need help to stay sober and in this case, additional medical procedures (acupuncture, hypnotherapy, detoxification) for additional charge applied.

My contact information is contained in the chip, and anyone with a scanner can access it.

Microchips carry only a unique identification number. The database that contains information about you located on a secure server and no one except your narcologist can use it.

I can have Esperal implanted at my primary care practitioner’,s office.

Only Esperal Certified Practitioners can perform the implantation. In order to get certified, a medical doctor must take a 30 days class at the Esperal Corporation Facility in Leon France. Make sure the physician that performs the implantation, displays the certificate for your review.

Popularity of Esperal

The Esperal implants widely used in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe. Today, however, this useful and helpful instrument is available at the Philadelphia Addiction Center too. Make an appointment for an initial FREE consultation with Doctor Tsan and you will receive all the information needed regarding the implant and other treatment options. Doctor Tsan personally will guide you through the entire process. Clinical studies proved that the success rate of recovering from alcoholism is significantly higher when an Esperal implant inserted.

Esperal Implant for Alcohol Addiction.

For more information about the Esperal implant and the company that developed and manufactured the device visit Esperal-Implant.info

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Alcoholism aversion therapy

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