Alcoholism cognitive therapy. Counseling for Couples and Families with Addiction

Prevalence of Addiction

Given the prevalence of addiction, it is very likely that drugs and alcohol affect many families and households. It is estimated that more than 26 million Americans age 12 or older are struggling with alcohol or illicit drug dependence or abuse. Alcoholism counselors.

Moreover, a study conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services indicate that more than 10% of U.S. children live with a parent who has alcohol problems.

Couples who marry early are especially likely to use substances -- cigarettes in particular.

The Relationship or Family That Includes Drugs

What Treatment is Available for Couples with an Addiction?

A number of therapies have been proven to be helpful for couples and families dealing with addiction. They can be divided into several categories:

Addiction-focused couples therapy.

Alcoholism counselor jobs

How Therapy Might Improve the Relationship

A couple's mutual commitment to treatment helps to initiate the healing process needed when dealing with an alcohol use or substance abuse disorder. Therapy facilitates each person's ability to better understand and cope with the difficulties they face. Additionally, appropriate treatment equips the couple to make and effectively navigate changes. Couples in treatment enjoy the opportunity to establish appropriate roles and mutual support within the relationship as well as improved psychological and physical well-being.

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Alcoholic parent counseling

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Alcoholism gene therapy

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