Alcoholism quizlet. Alcoholism Can Lead to Divorce

Addictions: If Your Spouse is an Alcoholic, Tips to Help Deal with the Problem

The 1994 film “,When a Man Loves a Woman”, tells the story of a woman causing her family pain because of her drinking problem. It was a hit for Meg Ryan, but to many people, this is real life. Alcoholism quiz.

Nearly 14 million people in the United States “,“ one of every 13 adults “,“ abuse alcohol or are alcoholic. And more than half of all adults have a family history of alcoholism, with more than nine million children living with a parent who has an addiction of some sort, according to information from Brown University. “,…,Alcoholism is an illness, and it’,s something like diabetes or any other sort of illness…,,”, according to Lee Holmes, a therapist in Helena, Mont.

According to, some of the symptoms of alcoholism include insomnia, blackouts, chronic depression, loss of employment, financial difficulties, frequent intoxicated appearance and weight many alcoholics go unrecognized by doctors, because they have learned to conceal the amount of drinking they’,re doing —, and the body can help, adapting physically to the increasing amount of alcohol in the bloodstream.

And, according to the Web site, spouses sometimes minimalize the problem, taking over family obligations like finances as a way to avoid the problem or because they don’,t want others to find out about it. But the stress from that illness can eventually cause marital problems, including separation and divorce.

It’,s often difficult to advise families dealing with alcoholism because each alcoholic is different, said Ed Azzam, a Lutheran minister and therapist in Athens, Ala. “,Some(alcoholics) are very quiet and just keep off by themselves, but some are very aggressive,”, he said.

And the problems alcoholics create are often different in each family, he said.Sometimes, he said, “,(alcoholics) have learned to excuse themselves for their attitudes and blame their wives for creating a situation for which they get in trouble. …,He then has this little slave child who he can blame all his faults on, and anything that goes wrong is her fault.”,

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Azzam said talking to a spouse directly is the best way to deal with the problem. “,In order to help an alcoholic, you have to use tough love, and tough love is the only way. It can be very difficult..,”, he said.

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