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Posted on September 21st, 2012

For some people, beating their alcohol addiction could impact their lives in many ways, it can help them feel in control, help them boost their self esteem and improve relationships. But one of the most important changes that overcoming alcoholism can lead to is improved health. The negative effect that alcoholism can have on health is generally well known. Most people know that excessive drinking is bad for health affecting everything from the heart to teeth. Overcoming alcoholism.

The health implications of drinking too much can be one of the greatest motivators for some people, and can be instrumental in helping them quit, and now there is a new concern that has been discovered that may prompt further people to enter into a residential alcohol rehab programme.

Recent research has found that individuals who drink heavily are at significant risk of having a stroke relatively early in life, compared with those who do not drink (Science Daily, 2012). In the study it was found that heavy drinkers were more likely to experience a stroke at the age of 60, which is 14 years earlier than the typical age for non drinkers.

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These findings show how big of an impact drinking can have on the health of the brain, and how it can lead to premature ageing and damage of the brain. Furthermore it shows how great of a risk alcoholism can be, potentially knocking decades off an individuals life, which could possibly be saved if help is accessed. Although many young people who drink may feel that 60 years is a good length of time, it is likely they will not feel that way when their bodies have been damaged beyond repair from alcohol abuse, and it is for this reason that help needs to be sought as soon as possible, to offer individuals the opportunity to live their lives to their full potential.

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