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Teen Alcohol Abuse is a severe problem among teens in the United States. Not only is alcohol the most commonly abused drug among teens, but people that abuse alcohol during their adolescence are far more likely to struggle with alcoholism, into and throughout their adulthood. Teen Alcohol Abuse is an illness that harms every area of teens’ lives, including their physical, mental, and relational well-being. At Paradigm San Francisco, we specialize in providing holistic residential Teen Alcohol Abuse treatment. Teen alcoholism.

Teen Alcohol Abuse Symptoms

One of the central reasons teen alcohol abuse is such a prominent issue is because very often, teens drink with other teens, in order to get drunk, therefore, them drinking at all can quickly become abuse. Because of this, it’s easy for teens to binge drink once or twice and quickly become at risk for abuse or addiction.

There are serious dangers related to teen alcohol abuse, including how it affects teens’ behavior, their relationships, and their physical and mental well-being. While adolescence is already a time of life when teens are likely to partake in risky, impulsive behaviors, alcohol abuse heightens this kind of behavior. Because of this, it’s unfortunately common for teens to partake in dangerous behaviors that lead to harming themselves or others. Some examples of these kinds of risky behaviors include: drunk driving, physical accidents, fights, car accidents, combining of drugs, suicides, sexual abuse, and homicides.

Teen alcohol abuse also severely negatively effects relationships. Alcohol abuse is a complicated illness, in which teens will compulsively put alcohol before everything else in their lives. This understandably leads to significant and immediate tension in relationships, especially with the people that are closest to teens, such as parents and family members. While teens often begin using alcohol to just have fun or alleviate stress, alcohol abuse actually ends up adding more stress and anxiety to their lives.

Adolescent alcoholism symptoms

At Paradigm San Francisco, we’re very careful to diagnose and treat Co-Occurring disorders, such as instances where teen alcohol abuse might be present with a teen mental illness, such as Teen Depression or Teen Anxiety. Especially in the case of alcohol abuse, it’s common for teens to begin drinking as a way to escape from or numb symptoms they might be experiencing, related to a mental illness. The danger of this is of course very often, while alcohol might provide relief in the very short term, it will usually end up exacerbating symptoms. In this sense, teen alcohol abuse can intensify an aggravate symptoms such as depression and anxiety, while also putting teens at risk for physical ailments such as anemia, liver damage, endocrine system disruptions, cancer, and internal bleeding.

Paradigm San Francisco Teen Alcohol Abuse Treatment

The first step in Teen Alcohol Abuse Treatment is for teens to stop drinking. Depending on the situation, it’s important to oversee this process carefully, as teens might be vulnerable to negative symptoms of withdrawal, as their bodies detox from the substance. Following this process, we work with teens to help them do important introspective work to understand the fullness of their current situation, including how their underlying thoughts, feelings, stressors, and relationships are connected to their alcohol abuse. Throughout individual and group therapy sessions, our therapists help teens to evaluate what kind of unresolved emotional issues might be present, which need to be addressed to support their ongoing sobriety.

Then in behavioral therapy sessions, our therapists work with teens to help support their sobriety, while also recognizing connected behaviors that should be changed and/or possibly implemented. For instance, it might be important for teens to reflect upon how their current peer relationships might help or harm their alcohol abuse, and what kinds of changes might need to be made, moving forward. In our teen family group therapy sessions, our therapists work with teens and families to address what role the alcohol abuse has played in the family, and help teens and their family members to process what kinds of dynamics and stressors are present which need to be altered, in order to make a more safe, supportive environment for everyone involved.

Adolescent alcoholism symptoms

This thorough, holistic approach to Teen Alcohol Abuse Treatment is what we believe is the difference of Paradigm San Francisco treatment and why teens are successful in achieving and maintaining sobriety, through our treatment programs. In this way, the goal of our treatment is not just for teens to leave here sober, but to leave here more aware, insightful, resourceful, and prepared to make and sustain meaningful lasting changes, in all aspects of their lives.

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