Alcoholism 60 days. The Connection between Alcoholism and Anger

Did you know alcoholism and anger go together? For those suffering from alcoholism or addiction, do you want to let go of your self-defeating patterns and change your life for the better? If so, here’s something you might not have considered: connecting with your own buried anger. Alcoholism and.

In fact, dealing with your unexpressed anger is a powerful way to improve your mental and emotional health … immediately.

And you need to address your mental and emotional issues in order to fundamentally address why you use alcohol, opiates, or other substances.

If so, you may have been operating under the common misconception that anger is always a harmful, negative force. However, anger actually serves a vital purpose in a healthy life.

Alcoholism and Anger: Anger is Not Always Bad

Your anger has powerful, important messages to share with you. When you learn to give your anger a voice, it can fuel your quest for personal transformation and free your from addiction.

Alcoholism and addiction

Furthermore, when you heal the hurt that underlies your anger, you free yourself from the need to abuse alcohol or other substances. When you take away the pain that triggers your need to escape, the alcohol and drugs lose their purpose in your life.

Instead of feeling so much mental and emotional anguish that you need to get high to avoid it, you can feel calm, centered, and peaceful.

In this article, we explore the linkage between alcoholism and anger and other addictions. It's usually related to dual diagnosis - which is when you have a addiction along with a mental or emotional health issue. In the full article, you'll learn:

Why it’s so stressful to suppress your own emotions

Alcoholism and substance abuse

How unexpressed anger erodes your mental health

Why your addiction may be a symptom of an untreated mental health issue

About the positive purpose of your anger (yes, there really is one!)

How anger fits into mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety

Alcoholism and drug abuse weekly

About a powerful model that allows you to heal your hurt

If you'd like to learn more about Dual Diagnosis, our FREE eBook, Dual Diagnosis: Healing the Root Causes of Addiction, is a great resource:

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