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Tony Adams enjoyed a stellar career which was blighted by his alcoholism Alcoholism alcoholism.

In his new book he reveals the week-long bender that made him give up booze

The 50-year-old Arsenal legend is now managing Granada in Spain's La Liga

Published: 07:42 BST, 18 May 2017 | Updated: 09:35 BST, 18 May 2017

Former footballer and alcoholic Tony Adams has opened up about the destructive alcohol -related cycles that almost led him to the abyss - and how he came to finally quit booze.

The former Arsenal and England captain opens up about his well-documented drink problems in his new autobiography, Sober.

Despite a stellar career that saw him win four league titles, as well as win 66 caps for his country, Adams was blighted by his alcoholism and even spent time in prison after crashing his car in 1990 while under the influence.

Alcoholic quit drinking

The 50-year-old is now managing Granada in Spain but - despite a somewhat anticipated relegation - appears to be in a more stable place mentally, living with wife Poppy and the youngest three of his five children.

In a series of extracts published in the Sun, Adams talks in detail about the days leading up to his realisation that he had to put the bottle down and seek help.

Of his second night of a week-long bender, he writes: 'I can’t remember where I stayed. I do remember p****** and s****** in my pants, peeling them off and going out again.'

Adams then went out again the following night to a strip club near Piccaddilly, and ended up taking a girl back to his hotel room.

He passed out again, and having sex with the girl in the morning did little to stop him feeling totally lost and directionless.

When he returned to another bar, he reveals that he opened up to the man serving him and began to cry.

Alcoholic stops drinking may experience

Adams writes: 'It felt like my moment of clarity. Something inside me said: “You are f***ed. You are beat.” It was my moment of surrender.

'Jack said: “Have another one, Tone.” I said: “I can’t drink any more.” Enough was enough. Then my journey began.'

He managed to stay at the top of the professional game despite his addiction, but has now been clean for 20 years, a decision that has helped him turn his life off the pitch around.

In 1999 - after he had given up alcohol - Adams had a four-month fling with model Caprice Bourret.

He admits there was a mutual attraction there, but the relationship ended due to a lack of emotional connection.

Despite some initial regrets and second thoughts, he was happy he had made the right decision, but turned down appearing on Celebrity Big Brother alongside her in 2005.

Alcoholic parent alcoholic child

Aside from managing Granada, Adams also works to try and get players away from the same pitfalls that blight him, and three years ago teamed up with the Professional Footballers' Association to set up a nationwide network of counsellors for players with problems.

Speaking at the time, he said: 'I know how valuable seeing a counsellor is from my own experience. It was my path into recovery.'

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