3 warning signs of alcoholism. Alcohol Addiction - Five Warning Signs, Addiction to Sobriety

One of the most difficult parts of confronting your own alcoholism is the challenge of objectivity. It’s not easy to be objective about whether or not one’s drinking is problematic, and unfortunately, the farther you are into your addiction, the more difficult it becomes. Here are some of the signs you can look for to determine whether or not your alcohol consumption is becoming less of an activity and more likely alcohol addiction. Warning signs of alcoholism.

1. Concealing, hiding, and lying about your alcohol addiction.

Maybe you believe you don’t have a problem, but there’s a troubling thought in the back of your mind—someone else might think you have a problem. So, what’s the solution? To hide how much alcohol you’re drinking or when you’re drinking, of course!

Having a drink on the clock is just a bit of naughtiness, but the boss might not see it that way, so you add a shot to your can of soda from a hidden flask. Your husband’s been giving you dirty looks when you open a second bottle of wine at dinner. Your solution, drink one bottle before he gets home and then drink only one bottle with dinner. Your daughter hates when you’ve had something to drink before you visit your grand-kids, so you make sure to wear extra cologne and have some breath mints.

This type of behavior isn’t just about hiding your intake from others.

2. Memory loss, or “blacking out.”

If you frequently find yourself waking up with little to no memory of last night, you’re flirting with alcohol addiction if you haven’t already crossed the line. No one needs to drink to the point of blacking out—seriously damaging their body and endangering themselves and even others—to enjoy themselves. If this happens, you are having trouble deciding when enough alcohol is really enough.

Perhaps once or twice could be poor planning, misjudging your tolerance, or not having enough to eat while you drank… but if blacking out is a habit, your drinking habits are out of control.

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3. Drinking to “take the edge off.”

If you don’t feel quite right until you’ve had your first drink of the day, or your third drink of the day, there’s a problem in the making.

If the middle afternoon staff meeting has you anxiously craving a martini to de-stress, there’s a problem in the making.

Alcohol isn’t a good coping mechanism for negative feelings, and using it for that purpose can lead you down a dark road without a map back.

4. Having difficulty fulfilling obligations and responsibilities.

Deadlines seem harder to meet. You’re too often confused and disorganized. You’re not supporting your relationship with your spouse as you know you should be, or taking care of your family as well as you could be. Your boss has started to look elsewhere for solutions, tapping your coworkers for important tasks.

Ask yourself honestly: If you were drinking less, would these problems still be as severe?

What is not a warning sign of alcoholism

5. Rising alcohol tolerance.

It used to be a beer after work, and then it was three. Then it was a six pack a night. Now it’s a case.

It used to be a single cocktail during happy hour on your way home from work. Then it was a few drinks while you chatted with the bartender. Then you switched to buying a fifth at the liquor store every evening to save money.

It used to be a few fingers of nice Scotch a few times a month, but now it’s a half gallon of bottom shelf vodka every three days.

When your tolerance keeps rising, and you keep having to make adjustments to satisfy your need to drink, it’s time to take a closer look at your addiction.

If any one of these signs point to you or a loved one, don’,t wait. Get help today for that alcohol problem today. Call now to learn more about our alcohol rehab program and make the first step toward recovery.

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