Warning signs of drinking too much water. Ten Warning Signs Of Alcoholism - 10 Things To Ask Yourself If You Drink A Lot

Has this every happened to you, you wake up again with yet another hang over and can not seem to remember the details of the night before. Or you are cleaning up your house and are amazed at the amount of empty liquor bottles that you find in the garbage. Have you ever stopped and wondering if you have a drinking problem? Warning signs of alcoholism.

Has any of this ever happened to someone who you live with and love? How can you tell if you or someone close to you has a drinking problem?

First, let's talk about what is considered normal drinking. Drinking one or two drinks a day is usually considered ok. If you find yourself having a glass of wine every night for dinner, it does not mean you are going to turn into a alcoholic, however if you find yourself drinking more as time goes by, you might want to back off a little bit.

So how can you tell if you are suffering from alcoholism? As yourself these questions:

A majority of alcoholics drink when they are by themselves. A majority of non alcoholics normally consume alcoholic in social gatherings, heavy drinkers will continue to drink by themselves.

2) Are you always finding or creating an excuse to drink? Is every day a bad day? Do you drink for every celebration? I know one person who drank in order to get rid of the alcohol in her house, but then the next day would go out and buy more.

Early warning signs of drinking problems

3) Are you able to function without drinking? Most alcoholics can not make it through a day with a drink and some can not even walk straight without it. Do you find yourself acting more intoxicated without alcohol than with it?

4) Are you able to stop drinking? A common symptom of alcoholics is the inability to stop drinking or even try to cut back on it.

5) Do you find yourself unable to say no to the next drink?

6) Do you have violent episodes when you do drink?

7) Does your temper flare up more?


8) Are you hiding your drinking from family and friends and when called out on your drinking do you find yourself furious with them?

When friend and family approach an alcoholic or even a drug user about their self destructive habits, it is typically known as an intervention and is usually one of the only ways to get someone help.

9) Have your eating habits taking a turn for the worse?

Most alcoholics do not eat healthy and most suffer from malnutrion due to the alcohol interfering with the digestion process. Alcohol also limits the conversion of nutrients into a form that the body can use. You may find that you develop a vitamin B-1 deficiency as your drinking continues.

10) Has your physical appearance begun to suffer?

7 warning signs of alcoholism

Ask yourself if you still care about what you look like. When was the last time you put an effort into taking care of yourself? Lastly, do you find yourself trembling in the morning, especially when the urge to drink is strong?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you should contact your doctor. This does not mean you are a full fledge alcoholic, but by answering yes to some of these questions could mean that you are on the road to becoming one. Isn't it better to get the help now, while you still have some control rather than later, when the disease has taken over your body?

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