Severe signs of alcoholism. West Coast Wellness, Addiction Treatment Centre for Women

Inpatient Drug Rehab Program – consists of group therapy, lectures, individual counseling, and self-assessments, but we take time to celebrate along the way, as well as conferences with family and referral sources that help our women into healing. We make addiction treatment and drug rehab for women a transformative experience. Medical signs of alcoholism.

Our addiction treatment centre for women uses the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps to Self Esteem which we incorporate throughout our addiction treatment programs at our drug and alcohol treatment centre, addiction and substance abuse treatment centre in Greater Vancouver. Our addiction treatment centre believes in healing the whole person not just the addiction and also take a holistic approach with meditation and yoga incorporated into our addiction treatment program. Our daily one-on-one counselling is to deal with what came before the addiction as every ones reason for addiction treatment is different. Therefore it must be the formulation for their program.

Women have special needs and our experienced drug rehab professionals understand that. Often women need a new sense of real purpose and value. They need to feel loved, supported, and cared for to begin the process of changing their lives. There will be an immediate connection of support and understanding when each client arrives at West Coast Wellness Addiction Treatment Centre for Women and begins her journey of recovery at our substance abuse treatment centre. Women here are given the privacy and help they need to rediscover themselves and begin to recover in mind, body and spirit from the devastation of alcoholism and drug addiction.

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West Coast Wellness Addiction Treatment Centre for Women is a place where every woman can rediscover her capacity to live a fully enriched and empowered life and to make effective choices for optimal physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual health. We are committed to restoring and developing new, healthy and balanced ways of living that includes family, community, culture, value systems, spiritual growth and re-entry into the real world.

Whether you are looking for an Edmonton Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, one in Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ontario or even a Calgary Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centre, we can help.

What are the medical signs of alcoholism

Individualized, custom case management for each client

This allows us to create individual strategies and goals for drug rehab and alcohol rehab while ensuring an honest and transparent partnership.

We emphasize one on one as much as group counseling and direct aftercare counseling starts here long before graduation. (Post graduation aftercare counseling is included in your initial cost.)

Comfortable &, intimate numbers

We choose to keep our substance abuse treatment centre small and personal so that we are better able to provide a better staff to client ratio plus allowing women to have the special addiction treatment care they need for alcohol rehab and drug rehab while feeling safe. You will find much understanding, grace, support and encouragement from our entire team.

Medical signs of alcoholism

Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment Centre in British Columbia

We offer a complete menu of help and services for drug rehab and alcohol rehab. When you consider the cost of addiction, its activities and destruction it might be wise to invest a reasonable amount in new and healthy living. Please see our Fees section.

Integrity &, leadership by example

Every member of our staff and company of colleagues endorse the value of setting everyday examples for our clients and others to learn and live by. We understand the need to be accountable and at times even transparent to each other in service as well as those we serve. “We must act as though the whole world was watching.”

are firmly enforced at West Coast Wellness Addiction Treatment Centre for Women.

Medical signs and symptoms of alcoholism

Contact us for more information about our Women’,s Drug and Alcohol treatment centre in Vancouver.

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