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Signs of alcoholism can help you decide if you or a loved one need help. Alcoholics can be full of fear, embarrassment, and denial around their drinking and may need help from those close to them to seek assistance. Signs of alcoholism.

The embarrassment may stem from the belief that one’,s lack of control around drinking is a weakness of character. Alcoholics continue to drink, not because of a lack of morals, or to deliberately avoid responsibility for their actions and consequences. The alcoholic drinks because he is addicted. Alcoholism, a disease that gets progressively worse, may require honesty and professional treatment for recovery.

As with any addiction, alcohol abuse is a symptom of underlying problems. Alcoholics do not abuse alcohol because they are weak, or do not care about the consequences of drinking. They may be in denial that other people see that they have a problem with drinking.

▪ Compulsive drinking even when it is obvious it is detrimental to the drinker and those around them.

▪ Deflection and defensiveness when challenged about the amount one is drinking.

Signs of young alcoholism

▪ Justifying why drinking a lot is okay.

▪ Lying about the amount one drinks.

▪ Drinking to function and fulfill daily tasks.

▪ Physical signs – slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, change of appetite, memory loss, phantom illnesses, and an unsure gait.

Signs of social alcoholism

▪ Drinking to help deal with strong feelings.

Abstinence comes first before any treatment or support can be of any help. Then the client can start to heal and change and put new behaviours in place to keep them away from that first drink.

Treatment involves group therapy and one to ones with a counsellor as well as attendance of 12 Step fellowship meetings.

If you or someone you know is exhibiting these symptoms please call for more information on the alcoholism therapy available at Oasis: (+27) 44 533 1752

Visual signs of alcoholism

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