6 symptoms of alcoholism. Alcoholism and Addictions Health Dynamics

Treatment and ongoing recovery must address the whole person –, physical, emotional, mental and soul/spiritual aspects. Medical Heilkunst is just such a treatment approach. It is a natural medicine approach to treatment of health issues and treats the whole person.

Alcoholism is a medical condition that occurs when alcoholic beverages are consumed at a level that interferes with the individual’,s physical, emotional and mental health. Alcoholism affects the individual’,s social life, personal relationships, responsibilities and career. The symptoms of alcoholism.

Alcoholism is a chronic, often progressive disease in which a person craves alcohol and drinks despite repeated alcohol related problems (like losing a job or a relationship). Alcoholism involves a physical dependence on alcohol, and can involve other factors including genetic, psychological, cultural and social influences.

Becoming addicted to alcohol is usually a gradual process. Alcoholism’,s root causes can be connected to traumas or life events, low self esteem, genetic factors, learned behaviour or an inability to handle certain emotions.

Alcoholism is characterized by craving alcohol and losing control over drinking, along with a physical dependence (meaning that the person experiences withdrawal symptoms when not drinking) and a tolerance for alcohol (meaning the person needs to drink greater amounts to feel “good”). Before entering recovery, most alcoholics will deny they have a problem. People who abuse alcohol but are not dependent on it may have similar symptoms, but they don’, t feel the same craving to drink and usually don’, t experience withdrawal symptoms.

The first and most important step in getting treatment for alcoholism is recognizing that you have a problem and having a desire for something better. Often, family members and close friends may urge treatment for the person with the addiction. Finding the right treatment protocol is the next step. Sometimes it is a combination of an number of treatment options that best suits the individual. It is also important for family members and friends to seek their own treatment. Alcoholism affects the whole family.

Treatment and ongoing recovery must address the whole person –, physical, emotional, mental and soul/spiritual aspects. Medical Heilkunst is just such a treatment approach. It is a natural medicine approach to treatment of health issues and treats the whole person.

What are the symptoms of late stage alcoholism

Heilkunst doesn’,t treat alcoholism as a disease itself, but rather treats the whole person so as to bring back a wholeness to an individual, being more naturally healthy. The individual then has a more natural, healthier approach to life and making healthier life choices naturally –, that inner struggle is no longer present. The mental, emotional aspects along with the physical symptoms are addressed and treated. Symptoms and their causes are treated. It is important to treat the causes because that is where one will find the true removal of the health issues. Treating the symptoms are also important as that is what an individual is looking to find relief from.

Heilkunst looks more to the deeper causal factors. Heilkunst is not just covering up, masking, or suppressing, we’,re looking to find the deepest healing possible and with it the whole system gets in line and the unhealthy desires diminishes permanently. It is a natural approach, using natural medicine and the power that is inherent in nature to achieve an overall healthier state of being.

Treatment of the individuals around the alcoholic is also important as there are feelings, emotions, thoughts, behaviours, and physical symptoms that are triggered in the alcoholic environment. No one around the alcoholic is really relaxed.

Here is what some individuals say about Heilkunst and treatment of Alcoholism and Addictions:

My unhealthy desires just naturally disappeared –, I no longer have that inner struggle and impulsiveness to reach for my substance of addiction.

What are the symptoms of chronic alcoholism

I found my voice and was able to stand up for myself. I am able to have a healthy relationship in which I am no longer an enabler and co-dependent. I found an inner strength that I didn’,t realize I needed nor that I even had.

I feel so much calmer, more confident, more relaxed. I don’,t have my physical symptoms anymore. Seems like my liver is healthier. I have more natural energy and I am sleeping peacefully. I don’,t have those cravings anymore. My life is so much more meaningful.

I don’,t feel depressed any more. I am not drinking to escape those dark feelings anymore. I don’,t need an escape. I can handle my life so much better. I am able to manage my emotions and deal with what life brings my way.

I thought I was coming for treatment of my addiction and my desire for it. I got so much more. I feel physically stronger, I am more relaxed and happier and at peace. I don’,t have that anxious feeling anymore that I was walking around with all the time. I can deal with my emotions and respond to them without having to escape from them.

My biggest, biggest result is being able to have healthier relationships. I was so used to having destructive relationships again and again and again that I didn’,t think I had any hope for something better. Because I now feel stronger physically, emotionally, mentally and soul/spiritually, I behave and think in a healthier way just naturally. My self confidence is great.

9 signs of alcoholism

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