What are some warning signs of alcoholism. Palmistry Signs of Alcoholism by Mary Trueschel

I have been asked many times, “Do palm markings or palm lines show I will be an alcoholic? “Alcoholism shows in the palm, and in size and shape of your fingers. Knowledge is power – so keep in mind some signs show inherited tendencies, and others reveal drinkers on their personal roller coaster to hell. What are some signs of alcoholism.

Line formationrelated to alcoholism: appearance of an extra line that drops off Life line in mid-palm then travels down to Luna mount and ends in a star formation. This is seen in palms of people who have been heavy drinkers. Islands on Life line are signs of physical stress and hidden illness.

Presence of Via Lascivia line combined with drooping Headline is another configuration that shows you may more easily slip under the spell of alcohol or drugs.

The Thumb: A most obvious sign of one who may become Alcoholic is a weak thumb. Your thumb shows the degree of your will – so a stronger, longer thumb portrays greater self-respect and confidence – qualities of character that have steered many from falling into the trap of alcoholism.

What are some physical signs of alcoholism

Jupiter Finger: If your pointer finger is weak (much shorter, thinner than your other fingers) this shows less authority or feelings of inferiority. Many of you have seen alcoholic friends and relatives drink more when they feel they have little authority and no power to change things.

Mercury finger: about sex, communication, and sense of humor. When your little finger is bent inward and longer, it reveals you can bend others to your way of thinking or completely bamboozle others. So a long and bent Mercury finger combined with classic alcoholic line configurations, portrays a silver-tongued alcoholic who finds many reasons to keep imbibing and convincing those around him to “keep that booze flowing”...

The Alcoholic little finger tends to be shorter (marked in red dots), and this signals weaker powers of communication. The little finger may be shorter because of a slanted finger cast-off, (this is an imaginary line where fingers join palm. The slanted cast-off shows confidence lost early on in life) – or simply because the little finger is short in respect to the hand. Either way, a shortened Mercury finger symbolizes lack of necessary communication skills needed to blend harmoniously with society.

What are some signs of alcoholism

Now that you are aware of tell-tale signs of alcoholism lurking in your palm, you can curb tendencies by simply avoiding.

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