Diarrhea sign of alcoholism. Physical Dependence as a Sign of Alcoholism, Alcoholism Treatment California

When you are looking at the signs of alcoholism, you may not give much consideration to the physical symptoms of someone who is dependent on alcohol. While alcoholism may develop as result of using drinking as a mental and emotional crutch, a very strong physical addition to alcohol will develop over time. Sign of alcoholism.

How Addiction Starts

Alcohol dependence starts with the body’s ability to build a physical tolerance to the alcohol that you are consuming. You’ve heard friends joking that they are “lightweights” and feel “buzzed” with just one drink, right? That is because they have a low physical tolerance to the alcohol. However, you have also heard those who claim they can drink much more than their friends and still walk home without much effort. While this is nothing to be proud of, their ability to drink so much more than their friends is sometimes because their bodies have built a much stronger tolerance for the alcohol.

The ability to drink more than other people means that your body has developed a tolerance to the alcohol, and it is one of the first warning signs of alcoholism. Tolerance to alcohol means that you will need increasingly larger amounts of alcohol in order to feel the desired effect.

Recognizing the Physical Signs of Alcoholism

If you feel that you need alcohol every day in order to function, then you are an alcoholic. There are a number of alcoholism symptoms, and many are behavioral. The physical signs of alcohol dependence might not always be recognizable or can be dismissed as the result of another ailment:

Severe hand shaking and body trembling several hours after your last drink.

Sign & symptoms of alcoholism

Fatigue, despite not having exerted a lot of energy

Nausea that may be accompanied by vomiting

You may also feel extreme levels of anxiety and irritability. Insomnia and loss of appetite might also be common factors in your life.

What happens when you counteract these physical signs of alcohol withdrawal by taking a drink? If your symptoms are relieved almost instantly, that is another warning sign of alcoholism. Your body is dependent on alcohol. You are an alcoholic.

Is itching a sign of alcoholism

There is often a range of emotions when it comes to any form of addiction. Whether you have a physical or an emotional dependence on alcohol, it can be a challenge to tell the difference between the two while you are addicted.

Reaching out for Help

Recognizing that alcohol dependence is a factor in your life is the first step you should take. The next step is to reach out to those who can help you end your physical addiction to alcohol and help you process the underlying causes of your addictive behaviors

Call our toll-free helpline, any time of day or night, to speak confidentially with one of our counselors. Our counselors can help you to better understand the types of help that are available to you and your family.

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