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Delirium Tremens (DTs) is potentially an emergency medical condition. The condition mainly occurs when heavy alcohol consumption over a long period of time is suddenly stopped

Individuals with a history of alcohol consumption for prolonged periods (over 10 years) have a high risk for DTs. This condition is also referred to as Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium

The signs and symptoms of Delirium Tremens may be indicative of both the physical and mental health of the affected individual. The signs and symptoms include body tremors, loss of appetite, palpitations, disorientation, anxiety, and depression

The complications of Delirium Tremens may include seizures, mental or physical self-injury, DTs can even result in death

Delirium Tremens is treated with medication and by maintaining homeostatic body levels (restoring body equilibrium). The prognosis may be guarded or unpredictable despite appropriate treatment, since Delirium Tremens can be a life-threatening condition

Definition of alcoholic proof

Delirium Tremens can be prevented by altogether eliminating alcohol consumption and having suitable counseling and therapy sessions, including group therapy

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Definition of alcoholism by aa

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