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All over the world, many people succumb to alcoholism. This kind of substance use disorder, is prevalent among men and women, regardless of body type, nutrition, beliefs, ethnicity, culture or socio-economic status. As with any addiction, alcoholism doesn’,t choose its victim. What causes alcoholism.

Over the years, many research and experiments have been conducted to determine what really causes alcoholism. But while there is no exact recipe that will determine if a person is going to have alcoholism, many studies have shown how certain factors contribute to alcohol abuse.

How Alcoholism Develops

Dependence on alcohol can form quickly. And once it does, you can find yourself strongly drawn to alcohol all the time. Alcoholism can also develop over time. It can start out as a weekend bottle of beer or a glass of wine for unwinding. Over time, it can develop until a bottle becomes a two, to three, to more–,everyday.

However, regardless of how the drinking problem has started, the important thing is for you to get treatment for it. Alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction, after all, will bring nothing but ruin.

What causes alcoholism is alcoholism hereditary

Causes of Alcoholism

Alcoholism, alcohol addiction, or alcohol use disorder can be caused by different factors. Let’,s take a look at them below:

BIOLOGICAL FACTORS. These have to do with your genetics and how your body is made. Some people know a limit to the alcohol they consume, others can consume a lot, while others don’,t even have a taste for any alcoholic drink. For some also, alcohol gives them a feeling of pleasure, wherein their brain is more easily prone to encourage them to continue repeating the behavior.

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS. The things around you can increase your risk for alcoholism. For example, if you live close to an alcohol store or bar, this can affect your chances of developing alcoholism.

What causes a drinking glass to shatter

SOCIAL FACTORS. The culture of drinking alcohol as a way to celebrate can contribute to a person’,s views about drinking. Peer pressure, upbringing, a desire to fit in, and many other situations can also cause you to participate in drinking activities that you may not normally participate in.

PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS. People handle different situations in different ways. How you cope with stress, grief, anger, or even joy can impact the way you consume alcohol.

There are also instances that mental health conditions can co-occur, feeding off of each other. These mental conditions can include depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar, and schizophrenia.

What causes binge drinking

Alcoholism is a serious condition, as it can increase a person’,s propensity for violence, aggression, even promiscuity. It has also been proven to have a wide range of negative effects on the health.

Do you have a loved one who has a problem with alcohol consumption or is already an alcoholic? Help is just a call away. Talk to us now to learn about your treatment options: 09175098826.

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