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It’,s no news that Ireland has a deep cultural relationship with alcohol, a relationship we publicise, even celebrate, internationally. Tackling the fallout from our drinking culture, particularly when it comes to alcoholism, has been the subject of debate for decades, and that debate was played out once again on the Today programme, presented this morning by Cormac Ó hEadhra. Alcoholism what is it.

Specifically, the effect of alcoholism on relationships spoken about in depth, by Rachel Feehily, Writer and Family Mediator, Dr. Harry Barry, GP and Mental Health Specialist, and Enda Murphy, Psychotherapist. But first, Rachel laid out the scale of the problem.

“,Ireland has the second highest rate of alcohol in the world. It is a very broad problem that has to do with our culture, the way we normalise drinking, what we think is okay, what the government does regarding minimum pricing, how easy it is to buy alcohol, how normality is to drink.”,

Alcohol can have a hugely destructive influence on relationships, and that influence can be severe and long-lasting. That is particularly true when children are involved, an issue that was explored following a flood of text messages from listeners, seeking advice and help. Here’,s a flavour of the queries to the show, as presented are nearby Cormac.

“,Is it better to try to stay with an alcoholic as a parent and try to manage it, then at least the children can have the parent in their lives, or is it better to have the child grow up alcohol-free, and not see the parent?”,

Alcoholism what is it

There is no easy answer to this question, as listeners would have heard. But strangely, according to Enda Murphy.

“,More relationships break up in recovery than when the person is drinking, believe it or not. The problems occur when people try to sober up.”,

In relation to the specific query, Enda Murphy continued.

“,It depends on the role model and the effect that the alcoholic parent is having on the having children. If that’,s in a negative way, just because the parent is a biological father, you have to ask, what is the effect going to be?”,

Alcoholism is it a disease or addiction

If you grow up with an alcoholic parent, you grow up with certain personality characteristics, which have been professionally identified as 13 distinguishable traits. “,The 13 characteristics of adult children of alcoholics”, according to Enda. These characteristics have been explored by American psychologist, Janet Woititz, who was referenced by Enda on air.

The panelists weren’,t altogether in agreement as to how problems should be handled, particularly between two parties were alcohol is a factor. In relation to people who may be having problems in their adult old, having grown up with alcoholism, the organisation, Adult Children of Alcoholics, it was agreed, can be hugely helpful. If you’,re affected by any of the issues discussed, the following organisations might be able to help.

Al-Anon Family Groups – Strength and hope for families &, friends of problem drinkers.

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Alcoholism is it hereditary

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