What is alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Alcohol Addiction - Intervention Support

The Effects of Alcohol

Other Long-Term Effects of Alcoholism

Not every long-term problem associated with alcoholism is physical, emotional or psychological. There are several ramifications of heavy alcohol use that can make the alcoholic’s life more difficult than it needs to be. What is alcoholism or alcohol dependence.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Driving While Intoxicated

Every state in the United States has a limit for the amount of alcohol that a person can consume before slipping behind the wheel of a car. This amount is measured not in the amount of alcohol consumed, but rather by the rate of metabolism in the human body. Generally, it is safe to consume two alcoholic beverages per hour if driving will be required. However, the very nature of an alcoholic includes the inability to stop drinking or to drink responsibly. This greatly increases the risk of drinking and penalties for drinking and driving vary by state, but can include:

Suspension of driver’s license

What is alcohol abuse and alcoholism

Misdemeanor or felony charges

Jail time, probation or community service, if convicted

Payment of fines and restitution, if convicted

What causes alcoholism (alcohol dependence)

A jail sentence can result in the loss of a job or the inability to find high-paying employment after being released. In addition, auto insurance rates, in most cases, increase significantly after a conviction for drunk driving, which can add additional burdens to a life that is already spiraling out of control.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

The risk of having an accident, either in a car or as a pedestrian, is much higher for an alcoholic than a person who does not drink to excess. Alcoholics have been known to walk into traffic, fall down stairs or cause major car accidents that result in serious bodily injury to other people and themselves. In some cases, the alcoholic may choose to drive and take the life of another person. Not only will the driver probably spend a considerable amount of time in prison, but he or she must live with the knowledge they have taken the life of an innocent person. This is perhaps the worst possible life-altering effect of alcoholism there is.

What is alcoholism or alcohol dependence

When judgment is seriously impaired, it is difficult to make good decisions. The poor decisions made by people suffering from alcoholism can have adverse effects for the rest of their lives.

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