What is episodic alcoholism. Is Jean-Claude Juncker an alcoholic? As Europe president denies allegations of a drinking problem, we take a look at the signs

PRESIDENT of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has faced accusations that he was drunk at a major UN peace summit, stumbling into furniture and people. What is a alcoholism.

But the leader has continued to deny he has a drinking problem, calling it an “,insulting”, allegation.

The President of the European Commission has had to deny he has an alcohol problem

So what are the signs of alcoholism? We take a look.

Is Jean-Claude Juncker an alcoholic?

Jean-Claude Juncker has said he was sometimes unsteady on his feet due to leg problems from a serious car accident in 1989

Hitting back, he told a French newspaper: “,You’d think I’d still be in office if I was having cognac for breakfast?”

But the interviewer from Liberation noted Jucker consumed numerous glasses of champagne during their meeting.

Mr Juncker’s boozy antics have been discussed at the highest level by European leaders who privately have concerns over his lifestyle.

What is reactive alcoholism

In May 2015 he was filmed welcoming Viktor Orban, the Hungarian PM, to an EU summit as “the dictator” before slapping him in the face.

Defending himself, Mr Juncker previously said: “,Orban, I always call dictator, I am like this. As soon as someone breaks the mould they are obviously crazy or an alcoholic.”,

Juncker has explained he is sometimes unsteady on his feet due to leg problems caused by serious car accident in 1989.

What is an alcoholic?

Heavy drinking is a widespread health concern, with more than 9million people in the UK downing more than the recommended daily limits.

And with alcohol so embedded in our every life, it can be hard to tell where drinking for pleasure stops and a drinking problem begins.

Experts say there’,s a difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholics:

Alcohol abusers may neglect their responsibilities as a direct result of their drinking –, for example, throwing a sickie because of a hangover.

What is not a symptom of alcoholism

They may also “,drown their sorrows”, with alcohol –, turning to drink to take the edge off a back day at work or relationship problems.

They can end up ignoring the problems alcohol causes in their relationships –, or use alcohol dangerously, for example while driving.

Their excessive drinking might also land them in trouble with the law, if the alcohol makes them aggressive.

Meanwhile, alcoholics are also physically dependent on drink.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be severe and unpleasant

What are the signs of alcoholism?

Tolerance –, being able to drink significant amounts without feeling drunk

Withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, shaking, sweating, irritability and tiredness

What is a cure for alcoholism

Severe withdrawal symptoms can include seizures and hallucinations

Giving up other activities to drink

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