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Alcoholics Anonymous is intentionally disorganized. There are no rules from some central authority telling us how we have to run our meetings, what literature has to be read, etc.. Any two drunks who’,d like to stay sober who meet up may call themselves a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Anywhere, anytime. It’,s good that way. AA’,s twelve traditions, (AA does everything in twelves, it’,s a little silly.) explicitly state that each group is autonomous except in manners that relate to other groups or AA as a whole. And since very, very little fits those qualifications, each group is essentially its own master. And basically, groups are kept from going off the rails by the consciences of the members. Most groups read some basic AA literature every time, and follow a format that has stood the test of time. What is the meaning of alcoholism.

My Wednesday night men’,s meeting is a bit of a maverick meeting. We don’,t read any literature. We do say the Serenity Prayer. Then, one person talks, and we all comment. That’,s the whole meeting. There’,s a lot of cross-talk. We give each other advice, and comment on each other’,s decisions and programs. We admonish each other when we’,re straying from the path. We hold each other accountable. We’,re honest, blunt, and unabashed. We do this because it binds us together in a fraternity of men each faced with a disease that kills us –, invariably –, when we face it alone.

There are essentially two different sets of attributes that AA meetings can have that are meaningful in this context: {men’,s, mixed, women’,s} and {open, closed}. There are others relating to how a meeting is structured once it gets going (is there a speaker? discussion? do we talk about step-work? do we read from the book? etc.), but the two attributes above define who is welcome at the meeting. The gender attribute should be self-explanatory. The open/closed may not be.

Open meetings are open to all. Anyone –, including you, dear reader –, is welcome at an open meeting. You may show up, watch, and even participate in most cases (some open meetings do restrict sharing to alcoholics, but that’,s uncommon). Many people who are not alcoholics come to open meetings for various reasons. They like to support an alcoholic in their lives. They want to make sure the alcoholic they know is actually going to the meeting (these people need their own kind of help). They appreciate the program and want to adopt some of the principles in their own lives. They are court ordered to attend and do not identify as alcoholic. I’,ve seen all of these.

Closed meetings are for members of AA only. There is only one requirement to be a member of AA. You must have a desire to stop drinking. You don’,t have to identify as an alcoholic. You don’,t have to pay any money. You don’,t have to get a sponsor or do the steps. You must have a desire to stop drinking. That’,s it. But that matters. As far as most of us are concerned, if you do not have a desire to stop drinking, that is, if you can drink normally or you are content drinking alcoholically, you are not welcome. You are specifically, vehemently, not welcome to attend closed meetings.

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Last night, at my men’,s meeting, there was a man who was invited by one of our members, who does not have a desire to stop drinking. Specifically, he’,s a gambling addict. He drinks normally but cannot control his gambling. He goes to gambler’,s meetings and works the twelve steps as they apply to that program. He was invited to our meeting by his brother, who is an alcoholic. I didn’,t know this when the meeting began. The gambler spoke a few people before it was my turn. When it was my turn, I said:

“,Sir, I welcome you, and you seem like a fine gentleman. I respect your brother, who is an important member of this group. I hope you understand that what I am about to say isn’,t personal. This is a closed meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Attendance is restricted to those who have a desire to stop drinking. I am passionate about this because I love this group. AA is explicit that those who can drink normally should attend open meetings. I had other things I was planning on saying tonight –, ”, (at this point, the gentleman stood and offered to leave) ”, –, I am not asking you to leave. I am saying that if we are going to change this to an open meeting, we need to have a group conscience before hand. Thank you.”,

The meeting went on, and we closed. I asked some of the old-timers if I was out of line. The general consensus was that I was not, I had every right to say what was on my mind. I said that I’,m happy to be bound by the group conscience, but that AA is explicit that you cannot be a member of AA if you do not have a desire to stop drinking, and that if we’,re going to welcome others, we need to have a group conscience opening the meeting. Which is problematical, because the club it’,s held in only accepts closed meetings. We agreed in principle that there would be a group conscience on the matter at some point in the near future.

Then we all went to dinner, including the gambler, whose hand I shook and I told him that I was personally quite happy to make his acquaintance.

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There’,s a men’,s meeting on Saturday mornings that I went to a few times. They open the meeting by saying: “,This is a closed men’,s meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. That means that if you’,re not willing to identify yourself as an alcoholic, get the fuck out.”, Our community matters. We save each other’,s lives. This matters for all of us, it protects newcomers, who might otherwise be afraid to share their stories, their alcoholism. Closed meetings exist because they allow us to share freely, fearlessly, and honestly among those, and only those, who understand our condition.

I am a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. I care about my community. I will defend it, in order to protect you, out there, considering your relationship with alcohol, unsure if you need to come into the rooms, unsure if you have a desire to stop drinking. Come. Come to an open meeting. See who we are. What we’,re here for. If you’,ve decided you want to stop drinking, and you need help, you need a community, if you want what we have, and are willing to go to any length to get it, come to my closed meetings. I defend that space, to defend your best hope to attain what I have.

And, it’,s not personal, but if it’,s a closed meeting, and you don’,t have a desire to stop drinking, get the fuck out.

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