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Alcohol Treatment Centers Baltimore (443) 703-1613

After years of decline, alcohol-related deaths in Baltimore have been trending upward since 2008. According to the Baltimore City Health Department, the number deaths involving alcohol rose by 29 percent between 2008 and 2009. One of the reasons for this increase is that more than 22.3 percent of Baltimore residents engaged in binge drinking in 2013 according to a report published by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA). Alcohol Treatment Centers Baltimore helps hundreds of people who abuse alcohol every year with finding treatment centers that best suit an addict’,s needs. Despite these depressing statistics, there is hope if you have lost control of your drinking at Alcohol Treatment Centers Baltimore. Alcoholism center treatment.

Many times people combine alcohol with street drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, or prescription drugs, such as Oxycodone, Ativan, or Ritalin. Unfortunately, mixing drugs and alcohol often leads to fatal results. Our Drug Treatment Center Program is designed to help people with multiple substance abuse problems embrace the good things in life as they travel along the road to recovery. Contact an Alcohol Treatment Centers Baltimore at (443) 703-1613 to let us help you find a treatment facility.

Signs Your or a Loved Once Need Baltimore Alcohol Treatment Services

The main reason that alcohol addiction is so deadly is that dependence on alcohol develops gradually and people often do not notice the early warning signs of alcoholism. Another contributing factor is that our society finds it completely acceptable to drink a couple beers after work, sip wine at garden parties, or enjoy a few cocktails at happy hour. While some people can stop at one or two alcoholic beverages, others find they need “just one more drink.” Since the symptoms of alcohol abuse and dependence vary from person to person, it is often difficult to tell if a friend or a family member has a drinking problem. Compounding the difficulty of identifying alcohol abuse and dependence is that many people addicted to alcohol deny their drinking is a problem. Often it takes a job loss, the breakup of a family, or legal problems for the alcoholic to admit their drinking is out of control. Substance abuse treatment specialists at Drug &, Alcohol Rehab Centers in Baltimore encourage you to watch for these signs you, a family member, or friend has developed an alcohol addiction:

Difficulty remember what happened when drinking

Needing a drink in the morning

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Acts irritable or angry when questioned about alcohol use

Hides alcohol to be able to drink during the day

Denies drinking when it is obvious the person is drunk

Drinks five or more drinks at one time every two to three weeks

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Loses a job or fails school due to alcohol use

Hands shaky the day after drinking

If you or a family member shows any or all of these signs of alcohol abuse and dependence. Expect Respect and Compassion at Alcohol Treatment Centers Baltimore, we want to help you find a place you feel comfortable enrolling in to begin your recovery. Additionally, families and friends sometimes lash out in anger at addicts due to the impact their substance abuse has had on their lives. This leads the individuals with a substance abuse problem to develop the misconception that they no longer deserve others to show them respect or compassion. At Baltimore Alcohol Rehab and Drug Addiction Treatment Center, we commit ourselves to treating everyone involved in our services with dignity, respect, and compassion. Most importantly, we are here to help you find a place to recover.

Living a Charmed Life of Sobriety in Baltimore

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When you are ready to start your looking for treatment options, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Baltimore at (443) 703-1613.

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