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Live the Life You Envision in Sobriety

Life isn’,t easy for anyone –, and when you cope through drinking, it never seems to get any better, or any easier. You don’,t deserve to live a life struggling to control substance use. You are worthy and capable of a life full of health, happiness, and success. Taking the first step to alcohol recovery will lead you down a path of strength, courage, and support. Alcoholism treatment.

The line between social drinking and alcoholism can quickly blur, and you are not alone. According to the National Institute of Health, an estimated 17 million adults struggle with alcohol abuse, many of whom will never get the help they need. For those suffering from alcoholism, the disease can take away their job, spouse, children, and eventually their life.

The alcoholism treatment programs at Destination Hope offer the medical attention and support you need to overcome your addiction and reclaim your life.

Alcoholism treatment program

Destination Hope is proud to offer clients inpatient and intensive outpatient alcoholism treatment programs. The first step in entering an alcoholism treatment program is detox. We connect you with a trusted medical detox center so that the patient can enter our program sober and ready to continue with treatment.

After detox, the patient will begin their journey into sobriety. Each treatment program is individualized to meet the unique needs of each patient. The rehab process can include intensive individual, group, and family therapy, 12-step meetings, clinically focused treatment, and a nutrition and fitness regimen. The alcoholism treatment program is designed to not only achieve sobriety but to also provide maintainable approaches to relapse prevention. Patients with a dual diagnosis will also receive the mental health services they need.

Alcoholism treatment knoxville

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