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Alcohol Addiction Treatment: A Common Solution to An All Too Common Problem

Of all the substances that plague this country with addiction, alcohol is by far the most common. According to the National Council On Alcoholism And Drug Dependence (NCADD), More than 17 million people, or one in 12 adults suffer from symptoms of alcohol abuse and/or dependence. These statistics not only take into account those who are active alcoholics, but also those who exhibit deadly patterns closely related with alcoholism, such as binge drinking. Furthermore, at least half of the American population have a family history that is linked with alcoholism. Despite being a more widely abused substance than narcotics, alcohol in general is used by more than a quarter of the world population (roughly 2 billion people). This in itself presents the most common issue presented to those struggling with alcoholism, their drug of choice is socially acceptable, legal and readily available. Alcoholism treatment.

We at Oregon Trail Recovery challenge ourselves on gathering information from statistics such as these to narrow the issues down to a more personal focus, which concerns itself with the alcoholic and their families. Knowing that alcoholism is a common blight on a lot of families does very little for us if we can’t offer a true scope and personal guidance to our clients when it comes to alcohol addiction treatment. For one, we know that alcohol effects more than the alcoholic, it effects everyone in the alcoholic’s immediate circle, which includes children, mothers, fathers, wives and husbands. Alcoholism continues to effect these family dynamics unless we can properly address the route of the issues as they are concerned with alcohol addiction treatment.

First and foremost, this begins with educating the alcoholic. This education comes in a variety of forms, such as informing them of the physiological effects which consuming alcohol takes on a person’s body. This in turn allows us a chance to instill solution based practices of recovery, which are statistically known to be successful. The most common form of recovery based around alcohol addiction treatment which we at Oregon Trail Recovery utilize is 12 step based recovery. Not only does 12 step based recovery allow our clients to develop a sense of community and new found fellowship within their clean and sober lives, but it also inspires experience, strength and hope from their peers who have come before them and have overcome the same ailment they have, alcoholism.

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After the alcoholic has been properly educated, we then can focus on the education of his family members, and the ones closest to him. It has been proven that including the family dynamic in the treatment of the alcoholic is very effective in alcohol addiction treatment in general. That is why Oregon Trail Recovery works very closely with the family of the alcoholic in a variety of ways such as family sessions with the client’s primary therapist, as well as a quarterly family weekend event held by Oregon Trail Recovery. It proves to the alcoholic, and their family members, that they do not have to tackle this disease alone, and Oregon Trail Recovery can be with them every step of the way.

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