Alcoholism treatment options uk. Day Treatment for Alcoholism

Day treatment for alcoholism, or outpatient alcohol treatment, is an effective way to address the risks of and problems associated with active alcohol abuse and addiction. There are a number of benefits to choosing a program that allows for the ability to maintain residence at home rather than relocating to an inpatient treatment program for the duration of treatment, and by taking advantage of those benefits, patients can make progress in multiple areas of their lives as they more efficiently get back on track and put alcohol in the past. Alcoholism treatment options.

What will you gain from enrolling in a day treatment program for alcoholism? Contact us at the phone number listed above and speak to an admissions coordinator about the different options available to you and which program will best fit your life today.

Benefits of Day Treatment Programs

Rather than choose a residential treatment program, many patients feel that an outpatient program will be better suited to their needs. In fact, outpatient day treatment is by far the most popular way to address drug and alcohol issues in every state of the US, according to the surveys posted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Why? Day treatment programs offer:

The flexibility of schedule to attend classes at school or go to work

Increased access to family therapy options for family members

Successful treatment options for alcoholism

The comfort of going home each night

The ability to practice the principles of sobriety actively while in treatment and thus being able to access therapeutic guidance when needed to deal with real life stressors, triggers, and cravings for alcohol.

Many assume that the temptation of easy access to alcohol would be too much to bear in treatment, but many patients find that being in such close proximity to drink and drinkers helps them to strengthen their resolve and develop a “thick skin” that aids them throughout their recovery.

Is Day Treatment Right for You?

The more personalized your treatment program, the more likely it will be to assist you in creating lasting change in your life. It’s not just day treatment in general, but whether or not there is a specific day treatment program that will be effective in providing you with the evidence-based therapies you need to make efficient and safe progress in treatment. Ask yourself the following:

Treatment options for overcoming alcoholism

Do I have the ability to manage treatment while managing my responsibilities at home, with friends, and at work/school?

Can I honestly avoid the temptation to drink and remain focused on recovery?

Are there stressful relationships at home that may get in the way of my ability to show up for treatment both physically and emotionally?

Can I commit to being on time for treatment every time and fulfilling all that is expected of me – including random drug tests – in order to maintain my spot in the program?

List of treatment options for alcoholism

Are the treatment programs I’m looking at utilizing treatment options and therapies that fit well with the goals I have for my recovery and for my life?

If you are ready to locate an alcohol day treatment program that can assist you in addressing your own personal challenges to recovery, contact us at the phone number listed above and speak to an admissions coordinator to get the information you need to get started today.

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