Treatment options for overcoming alcoholism. County of Oswego Council on Alcoholism & Addictions, Inc. - Outpatient Treatment

The County of Oswego Council on Alcoholism &, Addictions offers a wide range of outpatient treatment options, from evaluation and assessment all the way to intensive outpatient recovery. Alcoholism treatment options.

Evaluation &, Individual Sessions:

Evaluation Sessions: An evaluation session is a single session with the goal to determine if treatment is needed and, if so, what level of care will meet the person's individual needs. A family member or close friend must attend the evaluation with the individual.

Individual Sessions: Individual sessions occur 1-4 times a month, to facilitate treatment planning, coordination, and to address ongoing personal issues that may not be appropriate for group sessions. Individual sessions are a crucial component for all clients.

Outpatient Groups

Education Group: (14 sessions, 2 per week) The goal of the group is to educate participants about abuse and dependency, and to help them understand the impact their substance use has on their entire life. This group is designed to work with people who have had little or no prior treatment

Relapse Prevention Group: (12 sessions, once weekly) The relapse prevention group assists people in early recovery to recognize relapse warning signs and make plans to deal with relapse symptoms.

Successful treatment options for alcoholism

Women's Group: (16 sessions, minimum, once weekly) The focus is on helping women in early recovery to establish a sober support system with other women. The group members also have the opportunity to discuss issues relevant to their everyday lives, including self-esteem, 12 steps, stress and anger management, domestic violence and assertiveness training.

Early Recovery Group: (48 sessions, 3 per week) This track is more intensive with a greater focus on individuals who have progressed further with their addictions.

Men's Group: (16 sessions, once weekly) Focus is on helping men work on issues in a gender specific group. With the goal of facilitation a greater understanding of their own issues that impact their recovery.

Young Adult Group: (16 sessions, once weekly) The focus of this group is to assist young adults in recognizing the many triggers they are faced with that lead to substance use and hope to cope with these triggers.

Research refines alcoholism treatment options

Dual Focus Group: (60 sessions, 3 per week) This group is for adults with at least one substance related diagnosis and either an existing psychiatric diagnosis or diagnosis related traits.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Designed to increase work readiness and employability skills for clients deemed ready for this additional service. Informational presentations, individual testing and assessment and other educational related activities are available.

Problem Gambling Services: Provides assessment, individual and group sessions in order to address the challenges an individual faces as a result of problem gambling behaviors.

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