New drug treatment for alcoholism. Pillars Treatment for Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, etc.

Addictions Services

Pillars offers outpatient substance abuse or addiction treatment for teens and adults. Alcoholism drug treatment.

At Pillars, we treat alcoholism and drug addiction as illnesses that affect the whole family and all aspects of an individual’s life. We offer community-based, outpatient services. Our goal is to help clients get sober, remain in their homes and in the community, and improve their quality of life.

Local, Bilingual Services

Our staff tailor treatment plans and use evidence-based practices to meet people where they are in their individual journeys. We work with people in their communities so they can access care locally and offer services in both English and Spanish. As part of a larger agency that dates back to 1928, our Addictions Services team has an established reputation and many connections to partners in the community. You can feel assured when you come to Pillars that staff are thinking of your needs first and have access to a large network to help ensure those needs are met.

Pillars’ Addictions Services are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Pillars has attained the highest level of accreditation at each survey since 1995. Pillars’ Addictions Services are also licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse.

Alcoholism treatment drug crossword

Note: You do not need private insurance to access Pillars Addictions Services. Click here to learn about payment methods and insurance.

Available Services

Pillars provides outpatient and intensive outpatient addiction treatment for both teens (ages 12-17) and adults diagnosed with mild or more severe substance use disorders. Staff provide a comprehensive assessment to determine the level of care needed and develop a tailored treatment plan. In general, treatment options may include:

DUI Services: For those who have been involved in a drunk driving incident or DWI/DUI arrest, Pillars provides DUI evaluations and updates, Secretary of State DUI evaluations and updates, DUI classes/DUI risk education, and treatment services.

Drug treatment of alcoholism

Early Intervention and/or Outpatient Therapy: If the assessment suggests treatment can be provided through outpatient therapy, we can empower people to get sober while remaining in the community. Treatment may then involve individual and/or group therapy, education and support, and extended care for clients who have completed primary treatment. If a higher level of care, such as inpatient rehab, is needed, Pillars can refer clients to other providers.

Tailored Services for More Complex Issues: Addiction can present alongside other factors such as pregnancy, domestic violence, mental illness, and socioeconomic issues. At Pillars, we tailor the treatment plan for people who have additional risk factors that may need to be addressed.

Find Help

To access Addictions Services, call 708.995.3600.

Drug treatment for alcoholism

Read how one former client says Pillars’ Addictions team helped him turn his life around.

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