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The effects of alcoholism are extreme and long-lasting. Physically, mentally and emotionally, alcoholism takes its toll on the alcoholic and on those who love them. Though it is possible to drink minimal or moderate amounts of alcohol without adverse effects, large amounts of alcohol are poisonous to the body and the brain, causing serious physical, mental and emotional problems. Effects of alcoholism.

If you are struggling with alcohol abuse or alcoholism, contacting an alcohol treatment center can provide you with important information regarding treatment. As an alcoholic, it is important for you to completely understand the physical effects of alcoholism.

Physical Alcoholism Effects

The physical effects of alcoholism are perhaps the most extreme and they begin long before addiction sets in during the alcohol abuse stage. These effects include:

These problems all start during alcohol abuse and increase during alcohol addiction, turning into more serious problems that include:

Various kinds of cancer including stomach, breast, esophageal, larynx and liver

Effects of drinking hot water with lemon

Alcoholism not only poses physical threats, but it will affect you mentally as well.

Mental Alcoholism Effects

Alcohol changes the chemistry in the brain, which leads to a number of adverse effects. Alcoholics may experience:

Inability to follow conversations

Disruption to social relationships

Effects of drinking 6 beers a day

Financial and legal issues

While the physical and mental effects of alcoholism are enough to destroy your life, you will also experience emotional effects.

Emotional Alcoholism Effects

The effect of alcohol on the brain’s chemistry can cause heavy mood swings and violent behavior. These issues can end up causing problems at work and in relationships with significant others, which may lead to serious emotional trauma. In some cases, even when psychological disorders were not present prior to alcohol addiction, alcohol-induced psychosis can result.

Getting treatment for alcoholism is the most effective way to prevent these issues.

Effects of drinking yakult

Treatment for Alcoholism and Its Effects

The problem with the effects of alcoholism is that each individual issue compounds to create further problems. It is impossible to treat the symptoms when the underlying source of all these problems is left untreated. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism, the only way to handle the problem is via an all-inclusive alcohol treatment program. If co-occurring psychological disorders are an issue, make sure that the alcohol rehab you choose is qualified to provide care for both problems simultaneously.

Concerned about the effects of alcoholism on you or a loved one? Contact our confidential professional helpline today and speak with a representative who can help. The call is free and completely confidential.

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