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Alcoholism refers to a continuous and excessive use of alcohol. Even when you know perfectly well that alcohol causes problems in a relationship, health, business, economic and physical intoxication. Alcoholism or addiction to alcohol is considered a pathological syndrome. Effects of alcoholism.

Alcoholic addiction can manifest in several dangerous ways, and it is extremely harmful to the human organism, which irreversibly affected all components, from the purely physical to the psychological. The damage caused by alcohol abuse varies, and range from liver cirrhosis to cardiovascular diseases, from epilepsy to pancreatitis, from sexual dysfunction to nutritional deficiencies. Even causes serious damage to the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system in many ways. It can affect the mental health of the patient, as a result of serious cognitive problems, anxiety, psychosis, depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder.

The intoxicating effects of alcohol consumption, in the long run, may cause negative effects on the social life of the individual, such person who often finds himself isolated from the affections of loved ones, or can even take degenerative attitudes that led him to commit crimes. In addition to drink in extreme situations, such as while driving, you can have direct consequences on the lives of other people. Alcohol addiction treatment is not easy, and, if not done in the right way and with due care, it can even be fatal, and desensitized some components of the central nervous system, such as the “GABAA receptor.” Just desensitization can cause the increase of tolerance and dependence. Stopping abruptly with the consumption may lead to seizures, delirium tremens, heart failure and hallucinations, or symptoms of shock experienced by the nervous system. Therefore, the decrease in the use of alcohol must have to be guided progressively to avoid running the excessive stress of nerve endings. The various symptoms of abstinence tend to subsidize after about a month, except insomnia and anxiety that may persist for some period.

Effects of drinking 100 alcohol

Family members of those addicted to alcohol have a vital role in a successful management of this mess, in the sense that, the alcoholic, while feeling the constant need to drink alcohol and not being able to control themselves, often are not aware of being sick, For this reason, patients with alcohol addiction tend to refuse treatments. According to this, the support and understanding of friends and family are essential to understanding and overcome the problem, which should never be underestimated. If the support of friends and relatives are not enough to overcome the difficulties, then medications can help patients suffering from alcoholism or alcoholic addictions to overcome the addiction.

However, it is very important to understand that, they are discomfort and difficulties faced during the different stages of the recovery, as well as suffering and trauma. For this reason, depending on the case and the context, one or more family members can be involved in psychotherapy "family meetings”, or be placed in an independent psychological support program.

Effects of alcoholism on family

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Effects of drinking hot water after meals

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