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"…,this is a very well integrated book that comprehensively surveys an important field. It could easily serve as the basis for a graduate seminar, but it is written clearly enough that undergraduates could also use it profitably. Bench scientists and clinicians will also find it helpful." Alcoholism effects.

"This book gives a comprehensive account of studies of the effect of alcohol on the developing brain. Every chapter is clearly written with a good summary which explains the current status of knowledge related to the topic…,.provides a complete review on the current animal models for studies in alcoholism. It is a useful reference for those interested in the field and it provides useful information for physicians who manage patients with problems of drug abuse."

—,Le Journal Canadien Des Sciences Neurologiques

"There are many original thoughts and ideas in this book which readers will find stimulating. Some chapters, such as those on genetics and alcohol and lactation, will be of particular interest to groups of health workers. There is much general information in the book which covers specific aspects of treatment and management of alcohol problems and this would benefit clinical personnel."

Alcoholism effects after quitting

"This book will be of value to those engaged in animal or human research on the effects of alcohol on the developing brain. It has a wealth of information for those interested in the fetal alcohol syndrome and less severe effects of alcohol on the fetus."

"The book as a whole is quite useful, representing a good overview of the various approaches researchers have taken to understand the effects of prenatal and early postnatal exposure to alcohol. It serves as a helpful entry to the study of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects. I would recommend this book for both clinical practitioners who are interested in getting a concise overview of the current state of the art and for researchers already in the field who wish to follow studies of their colleagues', advances in other arenas of prenatal alcohol research."

—,Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society

Alcoholism effects on the society

Table of Contents

Contents: J.H. Hannigan, L.P. Spear, N.E. Spear, Introduction: How Research on Alcohol and Alcoholism Has Informed Research on Developing Brains. T.M. Roebuck, S.N. Mattson, E.P. Riley, Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol: Effects on Brain Structure and Neuropsychological Functioning. W-J.A. Chen, J.R. West, Alcohol-Induced Brain Damage During Development: Potential Risk Factors. J.H. Hannigan, D.E. Saunders, L.M. Treas, M.A. Sperry, Modification of Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies of Neuroplasticity. C.R. Goodlett, T.B. Johnson, Temporal Windows of Vulnerability Within the Third Trimester Equivalent: Why "Knowing When" Matters. A.M. Allan, D.P. Savage, III, Prenatal Ethanol Exposure Alters the Modulation of the GABAA(last "A" should be a subscript "A") Receptor-Gated Chloride Ion Channel in Adult Rat Offspring. B.C. Dudek, T. Tritto, K.A. Case, B.J. Caldarone, J. Clarke, Genetics, Psychomotor Stimulant Effects of Ethanol, and Ethanol Absorption in Mice. D.L. McKinzie, W.J. McBride, J.M. Murphy, L. Lumeng, T-K. Li, Rat Lines Selectively Bred for Alcohol Preference: A Potential Animal Model of Adolescent Alcohol Drinking. C.J. Heyser, G. Schulteis, G.F. Koob, The Alcohol Deprivation Effect: Experimental Conditions, Applications, and Treatment. J.A. Mennella, The Transfer of Alcohol to Human Milk: Sensory Implications and Effects on Mother-Infant Interaction. J.C. Molina, H.D. Domí,nguez, M.F. Ló,pez, M.Y. Pepino, A.E. Faas, The Role of Fetal and Infantile Experience With Alcohol in Later Recognition and Acceptance Patterns of the Drug. J.E. Smith, R.J. Meyers, V.A. Waldorf, Covering All Bases: Engaging and Treating Individuals With Alcohol Problems. C.R. Goodlett, Future Research on Alcohol and Development: Forging a Merger of Discovery and Application.

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